Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Recent Purchases! Sale, Primark, Drugstore, etc.

Awhile ago I did a post asking for your guy's favourite posts I do and ones you would like to see more of. Hauls were so highly requested, more than make-up reviews and lifestyle posts, so I thought I would share with you a few bits and pieces I have picked up recently! Today I popped into Superdrug, something I rarely do as I must admit I do much prefer Boots. I finally picked up a Tanya Burr lip gloss, some more of her eyelashes, some dry shampoo, a eye-shadow palette and a L'Oreal Salt Spray that I have been curious about for awhile! 
I also made a cheeky order on ASOS! Treating myself to this adorable shirt with pandas all over it, a black skater skirt and some black skinnies. I really needed to get more basics for my wardrobe, so I think you can agree a new pair of black skinnies is a good start?
Browsing through Calvin Klein with my best friend I spotted this little thong (TMI, we're all girls here right?) Picked it up as I thought it was cute and oh my, it is the most comfortable piece of underwear I have ever wore!
I picked this adorable Ham mug from Toy Story up in the Disney store when I was Christmas shopping with Zack, way over a month ago and I still haven't used it! Not sure whether to use it for drinking or for make-up brushes, what do you think guys?
I restrained myself so well in Primark while Christmas shopping and only picked up some false nails and some cute PJ bottoms, proud of me?
And lastly but not least, my sale findings. I was very, very good this year and avoided the sales. I simply picked up Christmas Cookie by Yankee Candle for half price like I do every year and some cute Simpson nightwear from Topshop for half price. 

What have you picked up recently? Link me to your haul posts, I'd love to have a nose around!


  1. I absolutely love that panda top! It's adorable. I picked up Christmas Cookie recently too and it smells amazing.
    sammy xx

  2. Haha happy shopping! Yankee candles and beauty products; it must have been a good day!


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