Monday, 26 January 2015

Too Faced Brow Envy Palette - Review

In my opinion, brows frame the face. So what do you have to do when you want to frame a photo? Buy a nice, most likely overly expensive frame from somewhere like Paperchase. See where my logic is going? Brows deserve the very best.

I have admittedly never tried any of the Too Faced products before, however I have always heard such amazing things about the brand. The Chocolate palettes, lipsticks and in fact their entire eye shadow collection. So when it came to trying out their Brow Envy, I had major high expectations.
First of, the packaging. Stop reading, and take a minute to put your hands together and praise this beautiful art work. It has a slight weight to it, is easy to clean and best of all looks fab when it’s just sitting on your vanity. Inside contains a setting wax, highlighter and a blonde and a brunette shade. All of good size that would last you a very long time, it also comes with a tweezer that I would personally compare to the quality of a Tweezerman tweezer.

I use the shade ‘blonde’ to fill in my brows, it is the perfect shade for me, not too dark and not to light that it has that ashy grey kind of coloring to it. If I just fill in my brows with the blonde shade and don’t use the wax they still last all day, yes it is that good! The wax is amazing at holding my brow hairs down and keeping them in place all day. What I especially love about the wax is that it doesn’t harden; I can’t stand it when waxes harden and it feels like a hardcore work out moving your brows.
It even comes with a helpful tips and tricks booklet to help you achieve your brow goals!

I’m so desperate to try more products from Too Faced now, what would you guys recommend I test out next? Have you tried The Brow Envy? I’d love to know!

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