Sunday, 1 February 2015

Benefit's Roller Lash Review!

Was I the only one who ran down to my local newsagents to grab this bad boy? But lets be real, did I run down? oh heck no, got a lift.
As soon as I had paid for the magazine I ripped it open, it's not often I get super excited about a beauty release as there are so many! But after my love affair with They're Real I was gagging to try Roller Lash.
I just want to clearly mention, this post is not at all sponsored. I purchased the magazine with my own money and I am going to share with you unedited photos and 100% honest opinions.
First things first, the packaging. Do we think its cute ladies? I must admit I love the pinky rose gold effect. Not a massive fan of the font chosen for 'Roller Lash' but, I suppose its just a font...
The brush its self is slightly curved inwards on one side. This allows you to grab the lashes more easily, the brush clings onto the lashes beautifully, blackening, lengthening and adds volume to the lashes. The mascara comes out super black on the lashes, which I love. Its very different to They're Real in the sense that it spaces out the lashes more evenly, if you hated They're Real for how clumpy it was, Roller Lash would suit you perfectly. I agree with the packaging when it says 'Makes eyes look more wide open', I noticed a dramatic different in how much it opened up my eyes. Made me look more awake instantly, as you can see in the unedited pictures below!
The mascara stayed in tact all day, smudging slightly on my lower lashes. I think this was partly my fault as I applied quite a lot on my bottom lashes. The one thing I hate about this mascara is how it does nothing what so ever to add a curl to the lashes and lift them. I love it when a mascara lifts the lashes, so I don't have to use eye-curlers on them for as long, but Roller Lash does nothing to lift the lashes! 
Although it's an okay-ish mascara there are a lot more affordable mascaras out there that do the exact same job and if not better. *Cough* Miss Manga mascara *cough*.
As you're spending £4 on a magazine (I'm guessing a lot of people who pick up Elle this month don't usually read it) I thought I would include a little review on this months edition of Elle. Filled to the brim with adverts I must say Elle is the last magazine I usually throw in my basket, however, I do love the beauty pages. Such elegant, classic make-up. This months cover star was Keira Knightly, a lady I have viewed as a role model for many, many years. I won't give too much away but her interview is truly inspiring, its worth a read on the train!

What did you think of Roller Lash? Will you be purchasing the full size or will you be chucking it to your dogs to chew? I still can't fully decide! 


  1. Thank god someone feels the same way, I've seen so many rave reviews I thought I was going mad not liking it. I also didn't think it done anything for my lashes x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  2. I've only been wearing this mascaras for a few days but im in love with it!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. I've heard such mixed reviews on this from bloggers! I suppose I'll have to get it and try it out for myself!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  4. wow super explanation on Roller Lahs, I am also ues this I think you'r so expert in beauty care


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