Monday, 2 February 2015

Candy in a Bottle!

There's nothing that makes me feel more put together and ready for the day like that finishing touch in the morning as you spray your favourite perfume everywhere and anywhere! Am I the only one that feels more professional once I have my perfume on?

Parada Candy has become practically a second layer of skin for me. Its become instinct to apply it straight after brushing my teeth. The scent is so sweet, musky with just the right amount of floral extracts. The longevity isn't the best but the warm caramel hug of the scent makes it all worth while. I brought a small bottle (30ml) purposely so it was easy to carry around in my everyday bag. 

The bottle is the perfect ornament for your beauty desk as well, you know, just a small bonus that we all can't deny we look for in a perfume!

What's your favourite perfume you're sporting at the moment? I'd love to know! 

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