Thursday, 12 February 2015

Tanya Burr's Eye Lashes Review

So many YouTubers have come out with some form of merchandise in the past year, so much that I personally haven't bothered keeping up with it all. However, there was one release that I was so excited for I didn't mind spending my own hard earned money on it and that was Tanya Burr's eyelashes!

I have adored Tanya Burr since I can remember, from when I first got interested in make-up and learning to apply it I always turned to her channel. I loved her simple videos on 'How to apply false eye-lashes', 'create a smokey eye' and so much more. So when I heard Tanya Burr was coming out with her own range of eyelashes I just knew they would be perfect because she's a woman that knows exactly what the beauty industry needs!

The industry of eye-lashes lacked some affordable lashes that were easy to apply and with a clear glue (and cute packaging). Luckily, I can now thank Tanya Burr even more for helping me through, shall we say, a make-up crisis. 

Clear instructions on the back of the packaging, a lot clearer than many other packages I have read on how to apply fake eye-lashes. The lashes come with an adhesive clue, which dries clear (a god sent). The glue is amazing, the lashes stayed down all day, neatly in place. I didn't suffer from that 'Oh I'm your fake lash and I'm going to annoy you by not sticking down properly in just one place', the struggle ladies!

The names of the lashes are super cute, admittedly I purchased the pair 'Bambi' just because of its name but... luckily I like them! 
Date night are stunning on the eyes, if you want a 'I'm pretending I'm Beyonce and I feel flawless' make-up look these are beyond perfect. I'm contemplating wearing these bad boys for Valentines night, what do you think?
Bambi eyes are separated beautifully, opening up the eyes and give the illusion of bigger eyes. On the eyes I hadn't cut them down what so ever as I wanted to show you exactly what they look like, but I will cut a tiny bit off them as they are a tiny bit too big for my eye.
Everyday flutter are exactly what you would think they would be, great for those everyday eye-lash wearers. I do however think you have to wear quite a light mascara with these ones as anything clumpy will end up looking uneven and 'fake'. 

For £5.49 I will be purchasing more, I do hope Tanya brings out more and brings out an every day lash to be worn to simply fill in your lashes. 

You can purchase them from Superdrug or Feel Unique!

What are your thoughts on Tanya Burr eyelashes? Have you tried them? 


  1. I have yet to get a chance to try them but I love how they look.What I really love her lashes is that they don't look super fake or over the top . I need to invest in some and give them a go xx

    p.s the names are too cute ;)
    Caitriona | Blog

  2. Oh wow, these look and sound amazing! I must pick up a few pairs soon!
    xprincessjas | ♥


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