Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Valentines Day...

I suppose in a sense you could say Valentines has become quite controversial, you either love it or hate it, rather like good old Miley Cyrus. Personally my feelings towards the day are as mixed up as a bowl of cookie dough.

The meaning behind it is sweet, a day spent with your loved one, creating memories, proving your care and love. Which I do think is a nice idea, I find because me and Zack are so busy with sixth-form, working part-time and other responsibilities we rarely put aside time to see one another to do something like, a day out, cinema or even something nice and simple like going for a meal! Valentines to us is an occasion where we plan something nice and put aside the time to do it, as fairly there just isn’t always the time for it.

The single mingles, I’ve been single for one Valentines in my little teenage life and personally, I quite enjoyed it, mainly because I made something of it. As the iconic Domino’s and Ben and Jerry’s turned up me and my friends dug in, and that, that is how Valentines should be spent if you’re single! (With of course The Notebook playing in the background as you gossip about the at most random of subjects).

Now, my feelings towards Valentines are mixed up because of the expectations Valentines brings. In the films the boyfriend/husband shows up with a bunch of roses, which would logically be worth about £70. If Zackary turned up on my door and had spent his hard earned money on flowers that are just going to die (expensive flowers) I would feel awful excepting them, I’m perfectly happy with some pink flowers from Waitrose for a fiver, if that. I think the little things on Valentines Day count, the things you should be doing in a happy relationship all year round. Making each other a morning tea, saying ‘I love you’, cuddling and all the little things in a relationship that make you both happy.

This year me and Zackary are going to see 50 Shades of Grey (my choice of course) while sneaking in some of our favourite food most like, going home to cuddle and then waking up to good old morning breath and my usual begging for him to make me a morning tea. Isn’t that what love is all about?


  1. Love this post and it sounds like you are going to have a perfect valentines day! I definitely wish I had a Valentine so I could do something nice! Because I've never had a Valentine I kind of dream of having the 'perfect' valentines date like on films!

    1. Thank you Rachel<3 Girl all you need is a Domino's pizza for valentines;)


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