Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Best Spring Scent!

Its that time of year where you’re spring cleaning, from cleaning out your room to organising your sock draw. Its one of my favourite times of year because everything just feels so fresh and clean! Well, after I’ve spent about 72 hours cleaning everything.

I always light my Yankee Candle Bunny Cake candle while I have my yearly spring clean. It leaves my room smelling so fresh and sweet, leaving a lingering bakery scent.

I always try and make the most out of spring, painting my nails pastel, spending days cleaning, buying flowers!

What are your favourite things to do during spring? Oo and of course eating easter eggs…


L'Oreal Infallible Matte 24hr Foundation & Primer Review

There is just something so weirdly thrilling about a new foundation hitting the drugstore shelves, it’s the small things in life that excite me… When I saw L’Oreal’s new Infallible 24hr matte foundation and primer I simply couldn’t resist lobbing it into my basket amongst all the other make-up I really didn’t need. I know I’m not the only one that does that!

The primer feels very greasy at first touch, but to my surprise it did leave my skin looking matte straight after applying it. Instantly cancelling out any shine that I had, which lasted well through out the day. For £7.99 you really can’t go wrong!

The foundation has medium coverage that isn’t my favourite, as I do tend to aim for a full coverage foundation, but with a good high coverage concealer underneath to cover any blemishes the foundation is a dream. Super easy to blend, lasts all day and doesn’t look cakey. The only downside to this foundation is the lies on the packaging, as per when it comes to make-up. ‘24hr matte’ for one, it does not last 24 hours and two, it doesn’t keep me matte all day and I still have to apply powder. Which I don’t expect to have to do with a ‘24hr matte foundation’.

 Have you tried these?


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Easy Brows, Easy Life!

I think we can all come together and appreciate the harsh reality of how much of a struggle it is to do our brows. Too bushy, too fake looking, too dark, over-plucked the battle is endless.

I have found our answer ladies (and gentlemen). I have tested out hundreds (literally) of brow products, on a mission to accomplish pretty brows that didn’t take too much effort. You know what they say about a woman on a mission…

Finally, I found a product that doesn’t make me sweat from stress at its application. Maybelline Brow Satin! If I could place the ‘thank god’ emoji here right now I so would.

Maybelline Brow Satin is a mere £5.99 and is a game changer in the brow industry, first off it is so easy to apply. You have the choice of using powder or pencil in one pen, amazing right? One end consists of a pencil, which is super easy to use and not overly pigmented like some eyebrow pencils where it ends up looking like you’ve used a sharpie! The other a weird yet magical concept of powder in the form of a pen… it works wonders I promise!

I can do both my brows in around 20 seconds with this product, bow to me! The pencil glides smoothly and the powder is easy to blend out. I haven’t bothered trying another brow product since.

Have you tried the Brow Satin? Would you like me to do a blog post on how I maintain my brows, tips and tricks?


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Wake-Up! #Tumblrspriation

I have had the biggest wake up call of my life recently! With exams coming up, the pressure to get a job and keeping on top of my blog and social life, life is getting a little too much. Something very personal also happened which kind of knocked me backwards a tad so I desperately needed some time off to rethink ‘the life plan’ I took an evening out, ate some mini eggs, planned out the next few weeks in my planner and took to my laptop to find inspiration, It’s my little way to get through a stressful time!

Of course Pinterest and Tumblr were the first places I took to for inspiration, it’s just Internet code really isn’t it?

I can literally gather inspiration from anything! A photo, book, film, my bedside table, anything. Photos are my favourite way to gather inspiration as I can save them and if I’m in desperate need, print them out and be typical girl as I crazily stick them all over my wall…

The collage represents some inspiring pictures I found which triggered my mind. I scanned through loads of pictures of baking on Pinterest and decided I really want to learn to bake and cook really well, making one thing a week at least from scratch! I also want to make a lot more effort with the way I dress and maintain some fresh flowers in my room, especially now that we’re in spring!

How do you gather inspiration? I need some help guys and a bit of a kick right now!


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Current Favourites!

It’s been a hot minute since I did any kind of favourites post! There have been quite a few specific things that I have been constantly reaching for, chucking in my bag and applying to my face daily.

Pug themed items have become a top accessory in my life, if its not got a pug on it then I’m not interested. From bedding to my little compact mirror, it’s taken over. Which is weird seeing as I think pugs are really ugly, don’t hate me!
Something that will always be a favourite of mine is my beloved Snoopy moleskin diary, which I plan every single minute and second of my life in! Even down to ‘hang clothes up and clean shoes’. Yupp, I’m that kind of girl.
Recently I have been constantly reaching for my Nar’s ‘God created the woman’ palette, its lasting power and pigment is just simply to die for!
Miss Manga Mascara, ah, love at its finest. Such a perfect little mascara and what I’ve been sporting on my lashes for just over a month now. Lasts all day, spreads the mascara out evenly and makes my lashes look da bomb dot com!
 Oh how I hate how much I love this product. The pain when you fall madly in love with a MAC Cosmetics limited edition product. Literally, the perfect contour powder for my skin tone ever! The packaging has started to scratch off which, breaks my heart and the fear of hitting pan is real…
 Sometimes with lipstick I get stuck in a rut and become a creature of habit. Going months and months of wearing the same lipstick and that has been exactly the case for ‘Petal’ by Topshop. Such a beautiful, perfect pink on the lips, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t worn it to death!
 Another major love has been the nail polish ‘Wish you were here’ by Topshop, you just can’t beat Topshop beauty! Its been a favourite because it reminds me of Mini Eggs… yeah.

I'd love to know what you've been loving lately! Can't be as weird as mine...

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