Thursday, 12 March 2015

Bourjois Nail Vanish Remover Review!

I'm not a lazy person but when it comes to removing my nail polish, well, that's a whole different story. The task is so boring and the worst thing is the smell of nail vanish remover makes me actually want to be sick and gives me a migraine, yupp, life. So when I saw this little pot in Boots a few weeks back now I couldn't resist trying it out!

Honestly, it is a life saver! It saves me from that dreaded nail vanish remover smell, removes nail vanish quickly (even those tough nut glitter polishes). After a few uses it does feel kind of disgusting using this product and I can't help but wonder where all the vanish goes? But if it saves me from the smell, well I can't complain!

If you've been wondering whether to try this product out or not I would highly recommend it (especially if you hate the smell of nail vanish remover).



  1. i have a cheaper version of this, but I really love the whole concept, it's sooo simple and there is no waste of cotton pads - winner!

    Charlotte Harvs: Style Blog

    1. Saves my cotton pads for removing make-up which is always a bonus!


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