Friday, 6 March 2015

MUA Luxe Palette Review!

When it comes to golden eye-shadows I'm like a dog thats had a whiff of dinner, I just can't resist. So when I'm browsing the drugstore on my lunch break on a busy Saturday I'm like a magpie that just spots all the golden goodness. 
So when my attention was caught by this £4, yes £4 MUA palette I simply chucked it into my basket. You get three eye-shadows and a primer, the shadows feel kind of wet and cold to touch, the pigmentation is to die for but, and I say BUT because they do not last long on the eye lids what so ever! 

I was so sad because when I first applied the shadow the pigmentation blew me away! I used the primer that it comes with and to be frank, it was poo. I'm going to give this palette another go with a better primer and see if that works better but the colours and pigmentation is keeping my hope up!
Can you recommend me some good eye-shadows from the drugstore? Desperate to try some new ones out!

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  1. This pallete looks fab! Can't wait to try it!

    Alisha x


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