Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Trouble in Paradise? #RelationshipAdvice

There are some things in this world that completely and utterly blow my mind. How squirrels jump from tree to tree, how cameras operate and most importantly whether the guy who pulled Madonna’s cape got fired…

Relationships and people in general are another thing that confuse me completely. If you think about it deeply, its rather strange how we just meet someone and think ‘Oo, I like that person a lot, I choose this person’ and you partner up, just like browsing the aisles of Tesco and choosing an expensive Nutella over the Tesco own brand. Why do we feel like we need someone in our life, Tigers don’t meet another Tiger and spend their life loving Tigger the Tiger they met by where the Hippo’s shower…

Being in a relationship myself, I’ve learnt why as humans we choose to have a partner in crime in our lives. Its weirdly fulfilling, a simple hug, them making you a tea (even if it tastes like crap), (I hope Zackary doesn’t read my blog) Just knowing someone is there for you, someone actually cares about your day, about your chipped nail, about that bitch you heard bitching about you as you peed in the woman’s room… Yes, this is the kind of stuff my partner in crime deals with.

Growing up and having experiences in relationships has made me realise why humans cherish them so much. But what about when it all goes wrong? They lied, cheated, hurt you, burnt your toast?

I truly believe your only happiness does not depend on the man\woman you so happen to share a bed with. If you’re unhappy more than you are happy, get your arse out of there! Or fix it up so you are happy, I like to think I have a set of rules in my head that I think of when things get pooey or Zackary and me argue over what to watch on Netflix.

If you’re having trouble in your relationship, here are my little tips that I live by!

1. Before you go in all guns blazing, using the F word as frequently as you can possibly manage, hold back. Take an hour before you text/call/meet up with your partner to discuss the situation. Give yourself time to think, or even better, wait 24 hours. At 1pm your boyfriend/girlfriend upset you, hold back, 1pm the following day sit back and think ‘Am I still annoyed?’ ‘Is it a big deal?’ If you’re no longer upset, leave it, it clearly didn’t upset you that much and would be a silly thing to argue over. If you’re still mad as hell, then girl, do your thing.

2.  Do not compare your relationship to other couples. I use to be terrible at doing this and it’s a fool’s move. Make the most of the little things in your relationship that are personal to you both. For example, one of mine and Zackary’s favourite things to do is watch shows about Police and silly shows like ‘Pranksters’, it may not be super exciting to some people but its something we both enjoy and cherish our time together when we do, do it.

3. Do not take your bad moods out on each other. My personality consists of two types of me. I’m either super happy, bubbly and talkative or I hit complete rock bottom and become very quiet, independent and can’t bare simple things like eye contact. Stressy and frustration is another trait I tend to have and I have learnt to control it amazingly. If you’re in a bad mood because you dropped your favourite mug or you stabbed your toe, for god sake don’t take it out on your partner.

Just a few little tips on what I’ve picked up on in the last few years, I hope this helps one person at least! Please leave in the comments your opinions and especially any tips for a happy relationship that you may have!


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