Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Wake-Up! #Tumblrspriation

I have had the biggest wake up call of my life recently! With exams coming up, the pressure to get a job and keeping on top of my blog and social life, life is getting a little too much. Something very personal also happened which kind of knocked me backwards a tad so I desperately needed some time off to rethink ‘the life plan’ I took an evening out, ate some mini eggs, planned out the next few weeks in my planner and took to my laptop to find inspiration, It’s my little way to get through a stressful time!

Of course Pinterest and Tumblr were the first places I took to for inspiration, it’s just Internet code really isn’t it?

I can literally gather inspiration from anything! A photo, book, film, my bedside table, anything. Photos are my favourite way to gather inspiration as I can save them and if I’m in desperate need, print them out and be typical girl as I crazily stick them all over my wall…

The collage represents some inspiring pictures I found which triggered my mind. I scanned through loads of pictures of baking on Pinterest and decided I really want to learn to bake and cook really well, making one thing a week at least from scratch! I also want to make a lot more effort with the way I dress and maintain some fresh flowers in my room, especially now that we’re in spring!

How do you gather inspiration? I need some help guys and a bit of a kick right now!


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