Saturday, 4 April 2015

Cute Little Paperchase Haul!

Stationary has always been a little guilty pleasure that I seem to not mind spending a ridiculous amount of money on. Paperchase being my all time favourite place to pick up some cute bits and bobs for my desk and handbag!

I popped in the other day and these are the bits I picked up: Some pretty little post cards for my inspiration wall above my desk, a notebook (not that I need anymore), some adorable lips kissing pin board pins (even though I don’t have a pin board, opps) and a hole puncher in the shape of a bunny, cute ay?

Please link me some cute little websites and shops to get stationary, I am pretty addicted! Am I the only one who doesn’t mind spending £10+ on a notebook and like £5 on a cute pen?



  1. They have such cute items in right now! Their wedding collection is also really pretty. I just bought my wedding planner, guestbook and evening invites all from Paperchase and it saved me a fortune!

    Roxie ♥


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