Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Disney Store Haul

So I may be 18, but you’re never too old for the Disney store! Right? I walked past and all its pretty colours just attracted me, what can I say…

I ended up picking up a cushion for my desk chair to bring some colour into my room. Saying that, it is monochrome, whoops. I just couldn’t resist a Dalmatian Disney cushion now could I!

I also picked up a Roo, if you didn’t know I nicknamed my boyfriend Zack, Roo. So I simply just couldn’t resist having a miniature Roo.

What’s your favourite Disney character? It’s a question I simply must know!


  1. I love the cushion! I have a Dalmatian though and it might freak her out haha. You're never too old for Disney though! :)
    My favourite character is Belle from Beauty and the Beast, although I also love Chip'n'Dale! :)

  2. This just makes me want to visit my local Disney store and buy everything!! That Roo is adorable! My favourite Disney character has probably got to be Oliver from Oliver and Company, fell in love with him all over again after watching it recently.. And I'm totally not a cat person! x


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