Friday, 10 April 2015

Feeling Blue? Favourite Blue Polishes!

Blue nail polish has recently entered my life and goddamn it is here to stay! I have always avoided blue nail polish, it just never appealed to me. Then I hit a mid life crisis recently and decided I wanted to throw all my nail vanishes out and go and treat myself and completely re-stock on a selection of new colours.

I picked up quite a few blue shades; entering spring and summer soon to be I thought it would be a good idea to add some splashes of colour into my life, even if it is only at the end of my fingers.
I’ll start with my favourite, as, who cares about the rest after a favourite right? Barry M’s ‘Huckleberry’. A beautiful Tiffany and Co baby, mint blue which weirdly looks perfect on pale skin as I thought it would only look nice with a tan. I actually find it a struggle to remove this of my nails recently and apply something else as I have just become so attached to the little guy!
On the other end of the blue scale I’ve been loving Topshop’s ‘Awol’. Which is a dark royal blue, perfect for eveningwear and late summer.
‘Cinderella’ by Sinful Colours is the lone survivor of nail polishes from my old collection, costing me only £1.99 from Boots! With aspects of sliver glitter and white dots thrown into the mix of the famous light blue Cinderella themed colour this polish is a winner all round!
Lastly the most recent addition to this little blue family, Bestival Blue from Rimmel London. A pastel, purpley blue again looks beautiful on pale skin as well as tanned, I’ve been sporting this polish all through Easter and I don’t regret a thing!

What’s your favourite nail polish colour to wear? I’m at a constant war between baby pinks and baby blues…



  1. Great post! I love blue polishes and have more blue polishes than anything else in my collection! Topshop's 'Awol' looks sooo nice, I think I may have to pick that one up! Looks perfect for summer and festivals :)

    Rachel |


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