Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter & a little update!

I am literally dripping chocolate, like no joke, I can’t handle anymore! I’ve had one Easter egg and I’m already sick of chocolate, never want to eat it again and am suffering. Gone the days of being 5 and having 10 in 24 hours…

Happy Easter to all my lovely readers! Hope you’re having a lovely day with your loved ones; my dogs and I are spending it in bed watching Pretty Little Liars. No regrets.

You may have noticed I have been making little changes to my blog here and there. My side bar now all matches and hopefully looks more pretty and clean. I’ve been putting a lot more effort into my photography and writing as well for posts. It’s spring I’m telling ya! There is just something about spring that makes me want clean everything and change everything about my life for the best.

After I get back from Spain next week I am going to start my tea detox, cut down on bad foods and generally make a huge effort to improve my health. Not just to lose weight but so I feel more energized as well.

I came across my ‘new years resolution’ post the other day and realised I have done so well at keeping to them! One was to always clean up after myself so my room stays tidy and well… I have now successfully formed OCD over my room and have even bitten Zackary’s head off over him messing up my bookshelf. Poor boy.

Speaking of Zackary he turns 18 on Tuesday so we are just chilling out and going for a meal with his family, then the week after I booked us a holiday to Spain for my present to him. Which is literally all I can think about right now, I’ve had to hold myself back from packing.

Let me know in the comments how your Easter is going, any exciting news? Whats going on in your life right now? I know, I’m a nosey bugger!


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