Thursday, 23 April 2015

MAC Myth Lipstick Review + Swatches on lips!

With no flash/natural lightening exactly how it appears in the flesh!
With flash on

Brown eyes and nude lipstick in my opinion is just a killer! I always feel super pulled together when sporting a good ol nude lip and I’m not talking the Kylie Jenner style. My favourite kind of nude to wear are of the lighter shades, I am on a constant hunt however for the perfect nude shade as many end up looking like I have foundation lips or that I look like I’m on deaths door.

Typically I avoid peachy nudes as being frank, I don’t have the whitest teeth and often I find they make my teeth look worse. But coffee and tea are in my life and here to stay, so if anyone fancies lending me £400 for teeth whitening then feel free! Where was I, ‘Myth’ has peachy tints in it which to my surprise it doesn’t make my teeth look more yellow, suits my skin tone and actually it looks very pretty on. Something I thought I would never utter or type…

It doesn’t look like I have foundation lips as the shade is very different from my skin tone and I’m positive it would suit many people. As beautiful as it looks on being a satin finish it doesn’t last all that long, which I expected and for me its not that big of an issue having to reapply like 50 times a day. Maybe a tad of an issue…

I now have ‘Myth’, ‘Japanese Maple’ and ‘Shy Girl’ in my MAC nude lipstick collection! Do you guys have any others I should add to this growing family?

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  1. What a lovely shade! I think i'm too pale for this but it looks gorgeous on you!
    Love Jen / enter my Mac giveaway x


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