Saturday, 25 April 2015

Our Trip to Magaluff Spain!

If you didn’t know Saturday’s on this little corner of the internet is where I share with you my lifestyle posts, I only share ones where I actually do something more exciting than stuffing my hamster sized chubby face and watching Netflix. Which, I think Netflix in bed is great to be honest.

For Zack’s birthday I booked us a little holiday to Magaluff in Spain for his 18th present! We went for three nights and oh my god guys, the hotel room was so so nice, I’m actually so upset that I didn’t take photos of it. Also I’m sad I didn’t take more photos of the holiday but at least its all safe and sound in my head!

The Magaluff beach was gorgeous, all the sand, kebabs and ice cream that you can want. The nightlife in Magaluff was so good even for this time of year and its safe to say we were quite drunk for most of it, which would explain the lack of photos I took…

The majority of the pictures are mug shots of poor Zackary…
On the Wednesday we went and played crazy golf in this really cool upside down house, right on the outskirts of Magaluff. It was honestly so funny and sweet, we ended up getting so competitive, we made bets and Zack even cheated a tone as I turned around catching him picking up the golf ball and putting it in the hole… We went back on the Thursday for a rematch…  

I think its quite fair to say we’d had a bit too much to drink and ended up laying on the sun-beds, in the dark. The story behind this picture is actually quite funny, I’d had a few drinks, was very confident and overly happy and decided to get a tattoo. Yes, I know stupid. BUT, we had a half an hour wait before my tattoo so we went and sat on these sun-beds and it suddenly hit me that it was a stupid idea and well, I got a refund and thankfully and luckily I’m still tatttooless!

This photo is a little personal joke but I think it’s quite nice to share these little funny stories with you guys! When Zackary was quite drunk he walked over the road to this kebab shop to buy some chips. And well, he got so robbed off! For 2.50 Euros they gave him 6 chips, I took the mick out of him for ages for it because bless him he was so upset! (It was funny, a kind of ‘you had to be there’ thing)
The Magaluff strip!

Of course I chilled by the pool with Cosmopolitan!

Before dinner, the only half decent picture as all the rest are of us being silly
and because we do search for anything that will be laugh we hired this ‘couples bike’ for an hour and well, it was a laugh alright! I had to get out of the bike to take a picture of it but the whole time Zack kept crying about how tired he was, boys…

If you want to see more lifestyle posts from me let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to post some more on Saturdays!


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  1. looks like you had a lovely time! x


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