Monday, 20 April 2015

Real Techniques Metallic's Collection Review!

I have been naughtily eyeing up the new Real Techniques brushes ever since they were released and although I love the core, basic collection with every inch of my heart I just couldn’t bite the bullet and fork out on £25 for a brush. Now saying that, I have three…

I’ll start with letting you in on the smallest of the three brushes, the eye-shadow blending brush. Which is the sliver metallic brush, the bristles on all three brushes are insanely soft and ever so pleasant on the skin. The oval blending brush truly creates magic while blending out eye-shadow, for example, you know when you’re doing your eye-shadow ladies and you suddenly feel bored with life and want to spice up your eye-shadow and get a little crazy (yes, this is crazy for me) and add a black or really dark brown to make the look a little more vampy and it just looks overpowering, blotchy and just plain awful? And then that horrid panic starts as you think you’ve ruined your whole face? Yeah, I do this so much and never learn my lesson. HOWEVER, now I have this little Gods gift in my life it can blend so incredibly well that it can make a dark brown look light brown with enough blending, a.k.a it can blend anything out!

I also picked up the contour brush; with its flat surface and dense bristles it works amazing for applying a contour and blending it out. Although, I have changed its job and given it a promotion and I now use it to put on my foundation and buff it in. It buffs it in perfectly leaving no patches or leaving my skin looking cakey, pretty cool right? (Especially as its right gold and looks oh so pretty in Instagram pictures).

To be frank, I have no idea why I picked up the blush brush, I don’t even wear blush? Could it of been because I just wanted both the rose gold ones? Er guilty! I played around with it, searched for a purpose for the poor thing and it is a dream to apply powder under my eyes to set my concealer! It’s the perfect shape to just fit in that gap, so that is the home it now belongs to!

Have you got or tried any of the metallic brushes? I do hope they come out with more, ay ladies!



  1. i love the look of these brushes but they're so expensive! tempted by the eyeshadow brush after your fab review.. x

    cat // je suis cat

    1. If you're going to get any the eyeshadow brush is soo worth the money!x

  2. I really want to get my hands on the contour brush, it looks amazing!
    xprincessjas | ♥


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