Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Why I love make-up?

When you think about it, make-up is the oddest and utterly weirdest concept. We get our skin colour, smudge it all up and into our faces, get colours and splatter them on our eyes and we draw on our lips? AND we spend hundreds, upon hundreds of pounds and dollars on it a year.

I literally ‘put on my face’ in the mornings, just like it’s some sort of quickie mask.

I think girls struggle a lot with the question, ‘Why do you wear make-up?’ For some of us pampered pooches it can be for a personal issue, self-confidence, acne and anything you may want to cover up. Others use it just to highlight their features and for the ladies like me, simply because you just f***ing enjoy it, okay?

So many people find it strange that I just simply enjoy applying make-up, testing out new products, seeing how different they can make me look. For me it’s just like when you dye your hair, you get bored. So from Monday to having a nude lip then to Friday having a bright hot pink, I just get bored of always looking the same so I use make-up to spice up my face.

It brings a weird excitement, especially trying out a new foundation! Who’s with me? Or under eye concealer, oo that gets my heart beat up.

I do not wear make-up for boys, oh heck no. I have the same confidence around Zack as I do when I have a full face of glam on, even though we’ve been together ages now, right from the start I rocked it around him bare faced. Because make-up isn’t natural at the end of the day, its not you, you may incorporate it into your life daily but it will never be ‘you’. I may have really dark acne scaring and the occasional sexy pimple but it really doesn’t bother me too much, of course if I could remove my acne scaring I would but for now, foundation spices me up when I feel like it.

I love make-up for the experimentation and the thrill of trying out something new, I love it to help show off my good features, such as nude eyeliner to make my big brown eyes pop. But I will never just use it to hide away underneath a comfort blanket, because once you’re wrapped up all comfy in that blanket, girl it’s hard to get out!

I want to know why you love and wear make-up, give some tips in the comments for the girls who may be insecure and if you want me to do a post on how to fight insecurities just let me know!


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