Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Break-ups, Stress & a Giveaway!

Where have I been? I wasn’t planning on taking a break from blogging but well; sometimes life just gets in the way.

I won’t go too much into detail as it hurts to talk about and I know people I know in real life read my blog, my family and so on. My boyfriend of two years broke up with me on the weekend, I’m in shock, hurt and trying to adapt to a massive change.

As petty as it is even blogging reminds me of him and good memories, he was very supportive of it. There are no hard feelings towards each other, and we do not hate each other of course. However I will not be giving up blogging of course, I love it so so much but I just need a little break. I have my A Level exams in the next two weeks, so between crying into a cuddly toy, I need to get my butt in gear and revise.

I read this Kylie Jenner interview from Teen Vogue the other day and it really caught my attention. In a way its how I now feel, I find it hard to let new people into my life, to trust people and most of all I've gained a massive insecurity. Realising how easily people can leave your life has really left me feeling quite down about ever letting someone into my life again. 

If any of my lovely readers have any advice on break-ups, please spill the beans! I’ll be back to my usual posts soon, at 6pm UK time daily and I have a massive make-up giveaway ready for you all x

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A Little Topshop Haul!

I typically, as embarrassing it is to admit used to spend at least £100 a month in Topshop. Yupp, I know, bad isn’t it. I just couldn’t resist their pretty (expensive) clothes, comic knickers and god don’t forget about the socks with kittens all over them!

But with a newfound love of travelling I’ve had to cut down on my expenses. Sadly that includes buying Costa’s worth £3.50 every time I leave the house.

So I haven’t wondered my tiny little feet into Topshop since before Christmas, round of applause? Well, till I strolled past the other day.

I wondered around the clothes but nothing took my fancy, ASOS has stolen my heart.

If you’ve been reading this little corner of the Internet for some time now you’ll know my profound love for Topshop’s lipsticks. In my opinion they’re better than MAC and last double as long. So of course, religiously I picked up one. Well, three…

‘Nevada’ is a peachy nude, ‘Naturist’ a true nude shade and ‘Straight Ace’ is as purple as it literally gets! I also picked up a nail polish in the shade ‘Milkshake’, which come on, how adorable is its name? How could I leave that behind! Oh, and a freckle pencil to cure my curiosity of what my face would look like with freckles, why not?

I love Topshop’s make-up and plan to buy it all, which I suppose defeats the object of not buying their clothes…

What’s your favourite thing that I picked up?

Have any recommendations for me? I’d love to know!


Monday, 18 May 2015

L'Oreal Salt Spray | Get BIG Hair!

Wavy, texturised, beach hair, without leaving your bedroom, caught your attention? Big hair, big eyes, big lips, its all in at the moment, the Bratz doll look as I call it (Not going to lie, I’m a fan opps…)

I have a rather large square foot of headspace; my heads massive and flat hair for me just doesn’t cut it. There’s a competition up here between my head and hair, as they have to compete so neither looks out of place. When my hairs flat my head looks even bigger, but ladies, embrace your big head, eyes, hair, thighs because they’re in fashion now (thank God).

I’ve been waving my hair for a while now so have accomplished the beach hair wave but texture, it was needed in my life. I picked up this little L’Oreal salt spray on a whim as it was on an offer for only £2 when its normally £4 I believe. I chucked it in my basket and have been drowning myself in it ever since. It doesn’t leave the hair sticky, is easy to brush out and just adds beautiful texture to the hair. It does not add volume at all, so I would suggest a dry shampoo if that’s what you wish to accomplish. But if you’re after texture and want it cheap, then give this bad boy a go!

Have you tried salt sprays? What do you think of them and beach hair?


Friday, 8 May 2015

Pretty 'n' Pink

If you ever meet me there is one thing you will be sure to notice. My nails will most likely, 99% be some sort of pink shade pained across them. I have over 20 pink nail polishes, I need rehab and I need it now.

My favourites recently have been these two bad boys, cor how beautiful are they? I’ll leave links to both of them because honestly their shades are so spot on. They last a lifetime and are by my two favourite nail brands.

I honestly think I have fallen in love.

I’ve also been trying out this gel nail polish topcoat from Topshop and really, I’m mentioning it so you don’t buy it. It’s AWFUL! Any polish you put it over it will go all bubbly and frankly, looks disgusting. I know, I always have your back ladies. But save your manicure and buy the Essie topcoat.

What have you been sporting on your nails this week?


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Where I've been? Chit Chat & Updates!

So guys, first off, I’d like to apologize for the non-existent Soph on this little corner of the Internet for the last week. After getting back from Magaluff with Zack I had a TONNE of revision to catch up with and being honest, my head has been more burrowed in books than Hermione Grangers ever was!

My eyes feel like they are bulging out of my head, I know right, gross. I’m currently sitting on a plane, with only 24% left on my MacBook writing as many blog posts as my poor little fingers can manage. I’m on my way back from Tenerife for the bank holiday weekend, it’s the second time I’ve been and its such a beautiful place.

I’ve also edited a ‘High end beauty haul’ which will be going up on my YouTube Channel shortly. Subscribe to ‘vavaviolett’ on YouTube so you’re ready for when it’s published. I’m also uploading a MASSIVE drugstore haul, as I want to keep my channel evenly mixed between high end make-up and drugstore.

What else do I have to tell you… oo my first exam is next week. Yeah… fabulous.

I brought another MAC lipstick at the airport, ‘Hot Gossip’ it’s a beautiful darker shade of pink, let me know if any of you have it!

I think that’s all I needed to update you all on; I want to know what you’ve been up to! Leave it in the comments x

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