Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A Little Topshop Haul!

I typically, as embarrassing it is to admit used to spend at least £100 a month in Topshop. Yupp, I know, bad isn’t it. I just couldn’t resist their pretty (expensive) clothes, comic knickers and god don’t forget about the socks with kittens all over them!

But with a newfound love of travelling I’ve had to cut down on my expenses. Sadly that includes buying Costa’s worth £3.50 every time I leave the house.

So I haven’t wondered my tiny little feet into Topshop since before Christmas, round of applause? Well, till I strolled past the other day.

I wondered around the clothes but nothing took my fancy, ASOS has stolen my heart.

If you’ve been reading this little corner of the Internet for some time now you’ll know my profound love for Topshop’s lipsticks. In my opinion they’re better than MAC and last double as long. So of course, religiously I picked up one. Well, three…

‘Nevada’ is a peachy nude, ‘Naturist’ a true nude shade and ‘Straight Ace’ is as purple as it literally gets! I also picked up a nail polish in the shade ‘Milkshake’, which come on, how adorable is its name? How could I leave that behind! Oh, and a freckle pencil to cure my curiosity of what my face would look like with freckles, why not?

I love Topshop’s make-up and plan to buy it all, which I suppose defeats the object of not buying their clothes…

What’s your favourite thing that I picked up?

Have any recommendations for me? I’d love to know!


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