Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Break-ups, Stress & a Giveaway!

Where have I been? I wasn’t planning on taking a break from blogging but well; sometimes life just gets in the way.

I won’t go too much into detail as it hurts to talk about and I know people I know in real life read my blog, my family and so on. My boyfriend of two years broke up with me on the weekend, I’m in shock, hurt and trying to adapt to a massive change.

As petty as it is even blogging reminds me of him and good memories, he was very supportive of it. There are no hard feelings towards each other, and we do not hate each other of course. However I will not be giving up blogging of course, I love it so so much but I just need a little break. I have my A Level exams in the next two weeks, so between crying into a cuddly toy, I need to get my butt in gear and revise.

I read this Kylie Jenner interview from Teen Vogue the other day and it really caught my attention. In a way its how I now feel, I find it hard to let new people into my life, to trust people and most of all I've gained a massive insecurity. Realising how easily people can leave your life has really left me feeling quite down about ever letting someone into my life again. 

If any of my lovely readers have any advice on break-ups, please spill the beans! I’ll be back to my usual posts soon, at 6pm UK time daily and I have a massive make-up giveaway ready for you all x
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