Monday, 18 May 2015

L'Oreal Salt Spray | Get BIG Hair!

Wavy, texturised, beach hair, without leaving your bedroom, caught your attention? Big hair, big eyes, big lips, its all in at the moment, the Bratz doll look as I call it (Not going to lie, I’m a fan opps…)

I have a rather large square foot of headspace; my heads massive and flat hair for me just doesn’t cut it. There’s a competition up here between my head and hair, as they have to compete so neither looks out of place. When my hairs flat my head looks even bigger, but ladies, embrace your big head, eyes, hair, thighs because they’re in fashion now (thank God).

I’ve been waving my hair for a while now so have accomplished the beach hair wave but texture, it was needed in my life. I picked up this little L’Oreal salt spray on a whim as it was on an offer for only £2 when its normally £4 I believe. I chucked it in my basket and have been drowning myself in it ever since. It doesn’t leave the hair sticky, is easy to brush out and just adds beautiful texture to the hair. It does not add volume at all, so I would suggest a dry shampoo if that’s what you wish to accomplish. But if you’re after texture and want it cheap, then give this bad boy a go!

Have you tried salt sprays? What do you think of them and beach hair?


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