Friday, 8 May 2015

Pretty 'n' Pink

If you ever meet me there is one thing you will be sure to notice. My nails will most likely, 99% be some sort of pink shade pained across them. I have over 20 pink nail polishes, I need rehab and I need it now.

My favourites recently have been these two bad boys, cor how beautiful are they? I’ll leave links to both of them because honestly their shades are so spot on. They last a lifetime and are by my two favourite nail brands.

I honestly think I have fallen in love.

I’ve also been trying out this gel nail polish topcoat from Topshop and really, I’m mentioning it so you don’t buy it. It’s AWFUL! Any polish you put it over it will go all bubbly and frankly, looks disgusting. I know, I always have your back ladies. But save your manicure and buy the Essie topcoat.

What have you been sporting on your nails this week?


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