Monday, 27 July 2015

Suffer with dry lips? Read this!

Living in little old Briton it means one thing, it will be cold all year round, yes sometimes, just sometimes the sun will shine. But for the other ridiculous 99.9% of the time we are faced with the cold harsh reality of British weather. Which means one dreaded thing, guessed it yet? Dry lips that resemble a krustry krab burger.

I have always as long as I can remember really badly suffered with dry lips; I was the only kid in secondary school who didn’t ask to burrow peoples Vaseline tins. Simply because Vaseline never solved my problem, for the past few years I’ve been using Lush lip scrubs, specifically my beloved popcorn scrub. Although they are amazing and solve my problem daily, it can after a while make your lips a bit swore due to all the harsh rubbing. Finally, after 18 years I have found a product that actually sorts my lips out for me (without causing me any pain).  

Dr. Lipp is famous in the world of pregnant woman for (dry nipples), till I researched this product I had no idea that even happened. So there you go, suppose you do learn something new everyday.

In Space NK I was drawn to this little guy as he was in a section right by the till, where all those miniatures are that suck you right in. The packaging is adorable so of course, my instincts made me pick it up. The packaging reads, “Dr. Lipp is a cult beauty balm passed from nursing mothers to make-up artists. Helps soothe dry cracked skin. Famous for its thick, hypoallergenic, ultra hydrating and counter irritant qualities. Use on lips, nipples, cuticles, feet, abrasions, eczema, minor incisions and any dry skin areas. Loved by make-up artists as a long lasting lip gloss, for lip priming, mixing pigments, cheek shine and eyebrow shaping etc”. Is there anything that sounds more appealing? The lip priming and solving dry lips sold me instantly. I can happily say, it cures dry lips instantly, makes lipsticks last longer and looks beautiful as a lip gloss (which actually stays put).

For £12.50 for 15ml it’s a tad expensive but I must say, its worth every single penny!

Do you suffer with dry, cracked lips? Will you give this ago or used anything similar?


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Do I need a man or a cocktail?

Now that’s the big question isn’t it? It’s always blown up into our faces that the purpose of life is to find a husband, settle down and change a diaper or two. I’ve always been against this take on life, since my very first word I’ve felt the need to be different from everyone else.

I don’t feel like if I never get married my life will be incomplete and children has just never been on the cards for me. Yet I’m surrounded by this wave of pressure to pop one out and have a pretty ring on my finger to take to my grave. It’s a lovely thing marriage don’t get me wrong, but so is a pet dog and being able to starfish across your double bed.

Now I’m growing up I’ve found I thrive on freedom, I love the independence and I especially love not having that struggle of picking a man a Christmas present, which is harder to do than most things. There are times of course where I need a cuddle or a simple hug; I am human at the end of the day! But I cuddle my dogs and suck it up.

I feel now a days there doesn’t need to be this crazy amount of pressure on people, I don’t pressure myself to have the mindset of ‘I want marriage by 30 and two kids by 35’, but I put pressure on myself like crazy to be successful career wise.

I wonder if I’m the only woman to feel this way and this pressure, let me know in the comments and is it strange that I’d much rather have that cocktail over that man in the picture any day?


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Sex and the Single Life

Being single for a mere month has taught me many, many things about myself and oh I think I need a shrink, or a cheap bottle of wine.

Firstly, my weight. Oh does it change daily, I have one tub of Ben and Jerries’ and I become Pooh Bear. Or I go a day with eating not much and a flat tummy can be seen at the end of the tunnel, or if I can see over my boobs from that angle. Also I have fallen woman prey to the Sex and the City TV series, aka I’m going through a midlife crisis at 18…

But I love it; Carrie Bradshaw has made me so excited for my future. From buying baby pink kitchen accessories for my apartment to my dream career, I’ve spent this month planning, searching and being excited.

The narrator of Sex and the City if you didn’t know is a successful writer, who lives in New York City and writes a column for a newspaper called ‘Sex and the City’. So analysing this, her job consists of researching about sex, writing about sex and being able to afford a pair of $500 shoes once a week, at least. As an aspiring writer with a love of shoes you can now understand my obsession, therefore I will be sporting my own little column on this little space of the Internet.

I’m unsure what to call it; I want something engaging, exciting and girly. Ideas so far have been things like, ‘Sex and the Blogger’ and many different titles all including that cheeky three-letter word. If you have any suggestions I’d love to know or suggestions on things you’d like to see me write about!

I hope you’re all as excited for this next chapter like I am!

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