Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Do I need a man or a cocktail?

Now that’s the big question isn’t it? It’s always blown up into our faces that the purpose of life is to find a husband, settle down and change a diaper or two. I’ve always been against this take on life, since my very first word I’ve felt the need to be different from everyone else.

I don’t feel like if I never get married my life will be incomplete and children has just never been on the cards for me. Yet I’m surrounded by this wave of pressure to pop one out and have a pretty ring on my finger to take to my grave. It’s a lovely thing marriage don’t get me wrong, but so is a pet dog and being able to starfish across your double bed.

Now I’m growing up I’ve found I thrive on freedom, I love the independence and I especially love not having that struggle of picking a man a Christmas present, which is harder to do than most things. There are times of course where I need a cuddle or a simple hug; I am human at the end of the day! But I cuddle my dogs and suck it up.

I feel now a days there doesn’t need to be this crazy amount of pressure on people, I don’t pressure myself to have the mindset of ‘I want marriage by 30 and two kids by 35’, but I put pressure on myself like crazy to be successful career wise.

I wonder if I’m the only woman to feel this way and this pressure, let me know in the comments and is it strange that I’d much rather have that cocktail over that man in the picture any day?


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  1. Glad to hear somebody else speak out the things I am thinking, personally I'm grown up with a very loving (And cuddly) mother who always told me how much she loved me and hugged me everyday before I went to bed, so naturally I am drawn to affection and love. But I don't like kids all that much, in smaller doses I love them, but in long therm? naahh! Most girls my age can't wait to be mothers, whilst I am hungering for career and travelling..


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