Monday, 27 July 2015

Suffer with dry lips? Read this!

Living in little old Briton it means one thing, it will be cold all year round, yes sometimes, just sometimes the sun will shine. But for the other ridiculous 99.9% of the time we are faced with the cold harsh reality of British weather. Which means one dreaded thing, guessed it yet? Dry lips that resemble a krustry krab burger.

I have always as long as I can remember really badly suffered with dry lips; I was the only kid in secondary school who didn’t ask to burrow peoples Vaseline tins. Simply because Vaseline never solved my problem, for the past few years I’ve been using Lush lip scrubs, specifically my beloved popcorn scrub. Although they are amazing and solve my problem daily, it can after a while make your lips a bit swore due to all the harsh rubbing. Finally, after 18 years I have found a product that actually sorts my lips out for me (without causing me any pain).  

Dr. Lipp is famous in the world of pregnant woman for (dry nipples), till I researched this product I had no idea that even happened. So there you go, suppose you do learn something new everyday.

In Space NK I was drawn to this little guy as he was in a section right by the till, where all those miniatures are that suck you right in. The packaging is adorable so of course, my instincts made me pick it up. The packaging reads, “Dr. Lipp is a cult beauty balm passed from nursing mothers to make-up artists. Helps soothe dry cracked skin. Famous for its thick, hypoallergenic, ultra hydrating and counter irritant qualities. Use on lips, nipples, cuticles, feet, abrasions, eczema, minor incisions and any dry skin areas. Loved by make-up artists as a long lasting lip gloss, for lip priming, mixing pigments, cheek shine and eyebrow shaping etc”. Is there anything that sounds more appealing? The lip priming and solving dry lips sold me instantly. I can happily say, it cures dry lips instantly, makes lipsticks last longer and looks beautiful as a lip gloss (which actually stays put).

For £12.50 for 15ml it’s a tad expensive but I must say, its worth every single penny!

Do you suffer with dry, cracked lips? Will you give this ago or used anything similar?



  1. I suffer so bad with dry lips so I definitely need to get my hands on this ASAP! xx
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  2. I've actually heard about the dr.lipp tip before, only I can't seem to find it anywhere around my area..|Elise Olsen


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