Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Beauty Desk Tour!

What’s better than a room tour? Why, a beauty tour of course. Personally, I love seeing how many shades of purple lipsticks people have. It says a lot about a person, you’ll be able to see from my close up of my lipstick draws that I have more nudes than the population of China. Bare in mind, I have 2 boxes under the desk that can’t fit in the draws. I know, I know, I have an actual problem.

I decided to just have one set of Mujii draws on my beauty desk, as it just looked too crowded with too many draws on top. So I have joined the club and purchased some Ikea Alex draws to stash my stash. Since I have started sporting my lipsticks this way I’ve worn a different lipstick everyday, tried out ones I hadn’t even opened and been a lot more adventurous than just using ‘Whirl’ by MAC every single day… Seeing as I can finally see them all!

On top of the lipstick draw's I just have my most used and daily products. My Chanel No5 perfume that I treasure, MAC Studio Fix for when I cake my face too much and need to calm it down, lash glue for those sassy days and of course tweezers to pluck my unibrow, which I pretty much do daily!

I still have a few things I need to do like paint the outside of my mirror white and buy a more comfortable chair. Stupidly I was mid cleaning my brushes while taking these pictures so most of my brushes are drying on my windowsill.

Link me up ladies if you have done a beauty tour or room tour, I’d love to have a nosey! & let me know what you think of my beauty desk!

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