Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Being Bullied!

Being called ‘pug face’ may not be one of the highlights of my life but it sure taught me a thing or two. The main one being, I couldn’t give less of a damn!

I wasn’t severely bullied in school don’t get me wrong. I actually look back and highly enjoyed my time at primary, secondary school and at A Levels BUT there was one individual who chose to try and destroy that and tear me down, almost on the daily. Names such as ‘pug’ were consistently used, ‘pig nose’ was another one of my favourites. Which may I add; I hated my nose throughout the whole of secondary school, because of this charming individual. Constantly I dreamed of a nose job, calculated up ways I could afford a nose job and even Googled ‘celebrity noses’ to find one to throw at my surgeon.

Now, I love my nose. In fact, when I look in the mirror at my face I couldn’t be happier with my little button nose. It’s a symbol of what I can take, I can handle negative people, I can handle bullies and the cherry on top of the cake, it actually made me such a strong person. Instead of running to the school toilets and crying instead of going to my French class, I would now laugh in somebodies face if they tried to insult me. To say it gave me a thick skin would be an understatement.

However, sadly this isn’t the case for everybody. I may have been strong enough to shrug it off but so many children, teenagers and adults face bullying and it completely ruins their lives. How is that fair? That your words can make someone actually hate himself or herself? This individual picked on my teeth and damn that tore me down. I may have got over my nose, but to this day I never smile with my teeth. Every time I utter a single word, I curl my lip slightly so that it covers at least some of my teeth. If I smile and show teeth around you, then know, that I either love you or trust you with my life. That affects me every single day, even when I look in the mirror of the comfort of my own room. How is that right or fair? I’m only human, not perfect; I have flaws but to make me feel awful about it till even this day.

I dread to think how some people cope with their bullying, there are millions and millions of people who suffered, suffer and will suffer worse than my petty bullying. And that sickens me, its not right and its certainly not fair.

If you’re reading this and have ever bullied someone, say sorry to them, admit you were wrong. Who knows, you may just make their day.

If you want me to do an article on how I came out of bullying positively let me know in the comments, if you need urgent help or someone to talk to please email me on my personal email  I will do everything and anything that I can to help!



  1. I really liked this post and I'm glad I've found your blog!

    I was bullied too for a birthmark that sticks out on the side of my face slightly. It really made my life hell during secondary school until I realised that if people thought I wasn't ashamed of it and when I started wearing my hair up and showing it was there, they'd not care either. Sorry people were so nasty, it[s really beyond me how people are so vicious to others. I hope you realise this makes you a better person and builds character, and for what it's worth now, you're extremely pretty :)

    1. I'm sorry to hear you went through that, I find scars beautiful and so interesting it makes you different and there is always a story to tell! Girl you can talk, you're stunning!xx


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