Monday, 3 August 2015

How to get Blonde Highlights Easily!

Now ombre is starting to fade from our hair, Rihanna’s iconic red hair that we all tried to copy still lurks in our hair and for some of us that Barbie platinum blonde still haunts us in our old Facebook profile pictures. It’s time for a new hair trend and finally, praise the hair Gods its something I actually like!

Natural, glamorous blonde highlights aka ‘Bronde’. If you haven’t seen the advert you’ve clearly been living with Patrick Star under his rock… I went and picked up the £7.49 Brush-on glam highlights kit from L’Oreal, not a bad price at all for the quality of the product and how simply easy it is to use and get your ideal look.

You simply mix the dyes (instructions are very clear on how to do so) apply through the comb you are provided with and slowly, focusing on the ends of your hair, brush the dye through your hair. Honestly as easy as that, you have beautiful golden highlights. My hair was quite gingery before I used this product and it just helped to cancel out a lot of the red tones from my hair. As you can see from the photos the shade of blondes that now appear in my hair, I had next to nothing in terms of blonde tones in my hair before hand. The product spreads evenly and if done with care will not turn out patchy what so ever!

I dyed it a month ago now and it has lasted so well, I also purchased some purple shampoo so that my hair wouldn’t go brassy!

What do you think of the ‘Bronde’ trend?



  1. I really like this "bronde" trend too! You look really nice with it, great post!

  2. Your hair looks incredible (: xx

  3. This sounds so easy to use. The blonde shade really suits you well

  4. I agree With the others. That colour suits you lots x


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