Tuesday, 4 August 2015

What does Inspiration mean to you?

Currently watching The Wolf of Wall Street, aka currently dreaming of Christian Louboutin’s, diamond incrusted Rolex’s and a sofa so expensive I’m scared to sit on it.

Which leads me to think, what actually inspires people? For me it is as easy as an image I happen to come across on Instagram, when I should really be working. Ironic right?

An image of a nice house, filled with expensive furnishes can inspire a whole days worth of work from me. A simple quote such as ‘Dress like you’re going to meet your ex boyfriend’, will make me make more effort with my outfits. Crazy when you actually think about it.

But then you have to think, what would I be without inspiration? Lazy, fatter, poorer? Even when I’m having a down day, where I don’t want to do anything other than feel sorry for myself and flick through Instagram on my iphone that I can barely hold in my hands, I still manage to get inspired just from a picture alone and hop out of bed and turn my day around!

What does inspiration mean to you? Do you find it hard or easy to get inspired?



  1. I find inspiration in music, but I am easily drained, I will go through periods of crazy creativity and then down periods whith none. I usually practice and perfect basic techniques then, so it can be sorta practical, but I wish I was as easily inspired by you!

    kinkx.blogspot.com|elise olsen

    1. Try watching YouTube videos of people doing covers! My friend watches them when she needs inspiration with music and it helps her get ideas xx


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