Tuesday, 29 September 2015

YOUTUBE VIDEO | Primark Autumn Haul

Long time no see on the YouTube front of things! I know, I know but I have a couple of videos filmed now and already ready to upload.

I will be uploading onto my YouTube channel every single Sunday at 6pm UK time.

This week on my channel is a Primark Haul, filled to the brim with cosy socks, pajamas and all things comfy and cute! Check it out if you want to see what is in Primark currently, for their autumn range!

Things got weird, basically. I’m just weird.


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A little Smashbox haul...

So, it’s fair to say I went a little crazy at the Smashbox counter. I only went for the dark spot primer….

On my giveaway blog post, one of the entries was to comment what blog posts you would like to see and so many of you said hauls. Which luckily enough, as I seem to spend money on stuff I don’t need like no tomorrow, there is going to be a tone of hauls on this corner of the web.

I picked up the dark spot primer, that I actually went to the counter for, along with some extras. I also picked up the contour pencils and the contour palette. The palette I have tried and am literally head over heels for. Three lipsticks because, well why not? A trio of three nude eye shadows and an eye shadow primer.

Let me know in the comments what you would like to see reviews of and I will get right on it!


Saturday, 12 September 2015

Big Plans!

Long time no see? I know, I know. I’m a terrible blogger, but life just got so busy that I was rarely spotted with my greatest love, (my MacBook of course) and therefore hours in the day to blog to my hearts content were out of the question.

I’m a perfectionist; I can’t upload a blog post if I am not 100% happy with it. So sometimes one post can take me hours to perfect, with photography and the written content. I’m also a sucker for routines, I was so used to doing my A Levels and having quality time in the evening to blog. So when the routine changed you could have compared me to a stuck turtle on its back, my brain was scattered without my usual routine. Now I am finally getting back into a routine, something extremely big and exciting has happened in my life! I shall be doing a lifestyle post updating you on what I’ve been up to, as I know a few of you are interested in the mishaps of my unusual life I seem to live.

But as I am now back in a routine as of Monday it will be back to the usual blog upload routine, posting daily at 6pm UK time!

·      Monday – Beauty review
·      Tuesday – Random post, wish lists, outfits of the day etc
·      Wednesday – My column, funny stories, advice etc
·      Thursday – Beauty and other reviews
·      Friday – Nails of the week
·      Saturday – Lifestyle post
·      Sunday – New YouTube video
I am also having my blog revamped and will be getting a complete new layout, something a bit more website/magazine like. Which will be happening early October!

I have also started planning Halloween posts and for the month of October will be working with my friend Liv, who is a training makeup artist to bring you some amazing Halloween tutorials. So if you have a specific tutorial you would like to see please leave it in the comments and we shall create it for you!

I have many blog posts lined up to publish but wanted to know what you guys want to see! So leave me a comment of what you would like to see on VavaViolet, tweet me your suggestions at @sophie_blackman or email me them at Vavaviolett@outlook.com

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