Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A little Smashbox haul...

So, it’s fair to say I went a little crazy at the Smashbox counter. I only went for the dark spot primer….

On my giveaway blog post, one of the entries was to comment what blog posts you would like to see and so many of you said hauls. Which luckily enough, as I seem to spend money on stuff I don’t need like no tomorrow, there is going to be a tone of hauls on this corner of the web.

I picked up the dark spot primer, that I actually went to the counter for, along with some extras. I also picked up the contour pencils and the contour palette. The palette I have tried and am literally head over heels for. Three lipsticks because, well why not? A trio of three nude eye shadows and an eye shadow primer.

Let me know in the comments what you would like to see reviews of and I will get right on it!



  1. I would love to see a review about the lipsticks as lately I'm kinda obsessed about lipsticks :D xx

    1. I will be sure to do that! The colours are to die for xx

  2. The products I've used from smashbox has been great, so I'd love a review on these things!



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