Saturday, 12 September 2015

Big Plans!

Long time no see? I know, I know. I’m a terrible blogger, but life just got so busy that I was rarely spotted with my greatest love, (my MacBook of course) and therefore hours in the day to blog to my hearts content were out of the question.

I’m a perfectionist; I can’t upload a blog post if I am not 100% happy with it. So sometimes one post can take me hours to perfect, with photography and the written content. I’m also a sucker for routines, I was so used to doing my A Levels and having quality time in the evening to blog. So when the routine changed you could have compared me to a stuck turtle on its back, my brain was scattered without my usual routine. Now I am finally getting back into a routine, something extremely big and exciting has happened in my life! I shall be doing a lifestyle post updating you on what I’ve been up to, as I know a few of you are interested in the mishaps of my unusual life I seem to live.

But as I am now back in a routine as of Monday it will be back to the usual blog upload routine, posting daily at 6pm UK time!

·      Monday – Beauty review
·      Tuesday – Random post, wish lists, outfits of the day etc
·      Wednesday – My column, funny stories, advice etc
·      Thursday – Beauty and other reviews
·      Friday – Nails of the week
·      Saturday – Lifestyle post
·      Sunday – New YouTube video
I am also having my blog revamped and will be getting a complete new layout, something a bit more website/magazine like. Which will be happening early October!

I have also started planning Halloween posts and for the month of October will be working with my friend Liv, who is a training makeup artist to bring you some amazing Halloween tutorials. So if you have a specific tutorial you would like to see please leave it in the comments and we shall create it for you!

I have many blog posts lined up to publish but wanted to know what you guys want to see! So leave me a comment of what you would like to see on VavaViolet, tweet me your suggestions at @sophie_blackman or email me them at

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