Friday, 30 October 2015

You don't have to be a fright this Halloween

Let’s be real, we’re not all party animals, who like to shove a tonne of makeup on our face at Halloween and drunkenly dance terribly to Michael Jacksons Thriller.
Some of us are already verging on 80 in our 18 year old bodies, too scared to open the door in case a child decides to throw toilet roll over you or worse, bombs us with an egg.
You can still enjoy Halloween in your Snoopy pyjamas, which you brought a year ago from Primark for a fiver and not have to leave your house at all or even look out the window!
That’s where I come in, to deliver to you some little festive ideas you can do in the comfort of your own bed.


One of my favourite things to do over the Halloween period is watch horror films and read horror books. There is nothing more satisfying than watching a really good horror film, on Halloween night, while ignoring the doorbell as you eat the sweets that you should be giving to the kids outside.

I recommend watching any of the ‘Saws’ of course, you can’t get more gore than that! Insidious, Nightmare on Elmstreet, the Final Destination films are always entertaining to watch with a group of friends. Halloween Resurrection is always a must this time of year!
Pamper & beauty:

Don’t worry, if you’re a girly girl who hates anything horror, I have your back as well or if you want to watch Saw while pampering yourself… Which not going to lie, I have done before.
Grab yourself a facemask and slap it on your face. Not literally, but you get the point. It is such an easy and cheap way to pamper yourself, with most only being £1.
I always have my nails painted black over Halloween and pretty much the entire year, grab some nail art supplies and go to town on your nails. I’ve always found Halloween is the best time of year to play around with nail art.
Treat yourself – those sweets left over because no kids knocked on your door? (because you didn’t answer) go ahead, no point wasting them now is there!

What are your plans for Halloween this year? Personally I am getting drunk, but a night in, in Snoopy nightwear sounds pretty good to me.


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