Friday, 13 November 2015

LIFE UPDATE: Single life, FOLO, journalism career

I feel like the best way to get my arse back into blogging is to give you all a little update and most importantly, prove I haven’t died and am in fact, just a mess.
I am usually the most organised person, I list everything, have a constant to do list and even fold my knickers and my socks in their draws neatly. Yupp, I know, sad.
I’m very much comparable to Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, I love my routines and get very comfortable doing the same thing. I always order the same thing from a menu, I’m a creature of habit and I’m quite content that way.
So when something changes in life, for some odd reason I get flustered and it takes me quite awhile to get back to my usual self.
You may know if you have read my blog for awhile, that 2015 has been a bit of a tragic year. So much so that I’m still dealing with it and haven’t been my usual bubbly self for quite some time now.
I’m someone who I like to say is very ‘egg’ like, I have a hard shell and don’t let people see the negative emotions I’m feeling. I keep them extremely bottled up and instead crack some dark humour jokes and act as if I’m the most bubbliest character in the room. 
I just prefer to focus on the more positive aspects of my life.
It would be interesting to see if anyone else handles emotions like I do? (Basically doesn’t handle them at all) I just feel like I’m bothering people if I tell them my problems and would much rather keep it locked inside my massive head, literally hats don’t fit me.
I suppose I wanted to be honest on my blog. I haven’t felt like taking pretty pictures, writing happy upbeat reviews on mascara’s, writing about my dull life and taking selfies for makeup looks and I’m not mad at myself about it. I needed a blogging break, to be honest I still don’t feel myself but I need to start changing things.
I’m not depressed, in case anyone was wondering that by now, as this post is not the most light hearted piece I’ve ever written.
I wake up early every morning, go to work, come home see friends and family, I go out clubbing on the weekend and spend far too much money on wine. I never sit around moping and I’m trooping through, I’m not the type to spend 24hours a day watching tat on Netflix.
I’m not going to blast what my problems are over the internet, I just simply wanted my readers to know, yes, I am currently sad sloth Soph but I will be perfectly fine!
Also with this FOLO (fear of life offline) trending, I must admit I have been avoiding social media slightly because of it. Scrolling through Instagram and seeing beautiful photos of couples all loved up, kind of made me feel a little worse, so for quite some time I avoided social media. 
I will most likely do a separate post on my opinions on FOLO, as I feel it is immensely important.

Life is not all doom and gloom, I felt I should leave the happiness till the end of the blog post, so you don’t leave my blog completely miserable.
Since I was a little girl, myself and my best friend used to create newspapers and magazines, pretending we wrote and designed them. Then as I got older I discovered journalism, I would read papers all the time and was love struck at the idea of being a journalist. I’d beg my mum to buy me every single pretty magazine at £4 a time and reading Vogue was the highlight of my entire month.
At the end of September I started my first journalism job at my local paper, needless to say I’m in love with it and the industry and am so excited for my future. My role is a reporter and I get to write features and articles, if you want me to do a more detailed post on journalism and how to get into it, I’ll be more than happy to do that of course!
I’m super excited for Christmas and am planning to make it the best one yet, I shall be cramming Christmas themed blog posts into this little space on the internet.
Overall, I am in a good place, have a job I love, amazing family and friends and am so excited to get back into blogging.

So watch this space!


  1. It is really okay to take a break. And I am happy you can see the good things you have even though you been having tough times. I am looking forward to your future posts♥♥♥


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