Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Get to know the girl behind the blog!

I love getting to know new people but there’s so much more than the eye meets. Age, favourite colour, favourite band bores me to say the very least. One of the best things in this word is when you truly get to know someone, their quirks and uniqueness and of course, their favourite Netflix show so you can discover if they are worthy of your time…

Most of the bloggers I follow, I follow because I can relate to them in some way. So why not share with you some quirky facts about myself, some even people in real life don’t know!

Every single time I see my dogs I give them a cuddle. (Yes, I do live with them so most of my day is spent cuddling them)

I always have my iPhone in my right hand or in my bra.

I have a massive love for Star Wars.

I can never sit in silence; I always have to have something on in the background like YouTube or music.

If someone is rude to me it is print screened and sent to the girls for evaluation. (We all do it)

I will get acrylic nails done till the day I die and I am not phased by how dead they are underneath.

I have an extremely dark sense of humour, I’d say worse than Jimmy Carr but I only let people I’m super close to witness it.

Every time I watch the news I go off on one because let's face it, the world is a mess.

I cannot hold a grudge for the life of me.

I currently have my dream job at the age of 19; I’ve done my bit so now I’m waiting for retirement.

My favourite types of films to watch are football hooligan films and horror films.

Basically, Green Street and The Kray’s are my favourite films but I tell people it's The Notebook, so I don’t get judged.

When I was 13 I wanted the Westham logo tattooed in between my boobs. Don’t worry I grew out of that.

I can’t eat KFC because it generally makes me ill for days afterwards.
I collect socks; yes Dobby the house elf over here.

I have over ten flannels and once I’ve used it once I have to wash it. Every month I throw them out and buy new ones. It drives my mum mad.

I do the same with towels.

You will never ever see me do the washing up; again, it drives my mum mad.

I drive my mum mad.

I spent my time at secondary school in the corridor during lessons, as I literally can’t seem to stop talking.

I worked at KFC for 30 minutes when I was 16 and when they said they were taking £20 out of my paycheck for their KFC stupid cap and hairnet I quit instantly.

I also worked at Boots when I was 16 and wasn’t kept on because I didn’t ‘smile enough’. Who smiles at work? Please let me know.

I have a problem with yawning, I yawn so much.

Nothing, literally nothing can put me in a bad mood in October.

I say literally a lot.

When I last got dumped I generally sat with ice cream and watched The Notebook because I thought it would help. First of, I hate ice cream. Secondarily I don’t think I have ever cried more at a film. (Don’t do it girls)

Although Noah distracted my mind so it helped in some ways.

Okay, watch The Notebook it does help.

If I could have dinner with any celebrity it would be Jimmy Carr, the conversations would be insane.

I like all of Kylie Jenner’s photos on Instagram, even if I don’t actually like the picture.

I am what you call wifey material as long as I don’t have to ever wash up. Basically, I’m not wife material and I will be forever single.

My favourite thing in the world is getting my hair played with. If you stop I will put your hand back on my head.

My occupation is a journalist reporter.

I stare at my nails at least 100 times a day, simply because I’m in love with them.

I am not a typical fan girl what so ever, but if I met Kylie Jenner I would find it insanely hard to play cool.

Kylie Jenner is my girl crush.

How many times can I mention, Kylie Jenner, in these facts…

I generally really like the taste of water.

My favourite food is salmon, I am literally obsessed and could eat it every single day!

I drink at least 5 cups of coffee a day.

Hopefully you don’t think I’m complete odd ball now, but who isn’t right? I would love to get to know you guys better! So leave me some facts about yourselves in the comments! Or if you want to do this blog post please tag me so I can read it!


Thursday, 7 January 2016

Co Lab Dry Shampoo review

Have you ever spotted Co Lab dry shampoo in Superdrug and wondered whether you should chuck it in your already (most likely) overflowing basket or not? Well ladies, here is what I think you should do.

The first time I saw this product on the shelf naturally its beautiful packaging caught my attention. So naturally, I brought it.

At first, I won’t lie, I hated these products. The consistency of the actual product is quite wet compared to your typical dry shampoos. It didn’t (and still doesn’t) give my hair volume. It didn’t soak up grease well, disgusting I know.

However, while cleaning out my beauty stash the other day I came across the pretty packaging once again. I had curled my hair three days in a row and it was looking and feeling extremely dry. As I knew I was washing my hair an hour later I sprayed them in my hair. The wet texture made my hair look so much healthier than it was looking gave it shine and gave it a bit of bounce, which it was majorly lacking.

Since last week I have simply been using it on the ends of my hair when they look and are feeling dry.

So I recommend these products if you have dry, dull hair like myself and need a bit of life back in your hair.

Let me know if you prefer completely honest reviews or if you would prefer it if I only reviewed products I 100% love and only have positive things to say about. I’d love to know your opinion in the comments!


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The men you will meet on Tinder...

Tinder sounds like all fun and games, but it’s swipe right if you want your heart broken or swipe left and feel the guilt fill your soul.

I downloaded the dating app Tinder to give it a shot and do some research and well, let's be real. I had hope like everyone else that I would find a man with a cute pet dog and a nice personality of course. (I’m still a single, independent sass-pot)

Today ladies I shall be educating you on why we should make Tinder extinct, but keep it on the last page of our iPhones for when we need a giggle. Here is a list of the boys/men I can promise that you will meet on Tinder.

I’d say the ‘fuckboy’ is the worst boy you will come across on Tinder. You will talk 24/7 for approximately two weeks, go on a date or two and then end up sleeping with him (well not all of us…) The worst thing about ‘fuckboy’ is you will most likely have loads in common and get to know each other really well. Then, of course, you will start to like this boy. Now, the ‘fuckboy’ (I apologize for my language, there simply is no other word that can fully describe this creature) will then, like a cat when it’s dying, evacuate the building and run off and never be seen again. You will then feel like an utter idiot, watch the Notebook in Shaun the Sheep loungewear and cry over your two-week love story. You’ve been warned ladies!

The Superliker
This guy will make you feel like a Queen. All women crack a smile when they spot someone who has super liked them. But then, of course, you will over think the super like, ‘did his friend do it?’, ‘is he mocking my ugliness?’, ‘what if he did it by accident?’.

The ‘Where’s Wally?’ Guy
You already know what I’m talking about ladies. That guy that only has photos on his profile of him with a group of mates. I’m very happy for you having such an impressive squad but please I don’t have time for ‘Where’s Wally’.

If you would like to know more of the category’s I have discovered let me know in the comments or if you want to hear my funniest Tinder stories!


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Sex, cookies and becoming Mary Berry

After spending an evening munching on Lindor chocolate, wrapped in a blanket while reading other peoples ‘resolutions’ for 2016 it made me realise how hard I am on myself.

I was thinking things like ‘lose 10 stone’, ‘go jogging every hour’, and ‘be the first teenager to walk on the moon’. New Year resolutions can be the smallest change or the biggest change, and let's face it, not everything in life is the more the merrier.

So I sat my arse at my desk and pondered on the small things in life that would improve the quality of it. This is what I came up with for my small aims for 2016:

1.     Carry on my, ‘who cares’ approach to literally everything. I will happily jump on a table while drunk and dance, then stroll into my office on a Monday and get back to work in a professional manner. I have no shame in having fun and having a laugh and not taking myself seriously. I love embracing who I truly am and fully being myself without a care in the world if people are judging my way of life. So although it may not be a change it is something that will stick with me through 2016!

2.     Learn how to bake. Yes, I do plan to be the next Mary Berry. In all seriousness, I have always wished I could bake the perfect batch of cookies.

3.     Buy a faux fur coat. This one caught my interest after I scanned my previous New Year resolutions. Since 2013 I have longed for a faux fur coat, do I own one? Nope. Well, this is the last straw Soph get your act together.

4.     Now I bet you all thought this one was going to be something saucy and erotic like ‘have tonnes of hot sex’. Sadly no it isn’t, but deep down I think that is on everyone’s resolution list… right? I have been a beauty blogger since the age of 15 and although I love beauty products probably as much as my dogs I have discovered other things I like to write about. ‘Sex and relationship’ articles have always interested me. The humour behind them, the education side (kind of) and generally because I have always wanted to write my own articles like that. Mainly things like relationship advice, funny stories and accounts from my life and my experiences. So this year I will be adding a new category to my little blog!

5.     Carry on getting my acrylics done. Yes, this is a resolution because I‘m highly addicted so if I make it a resolution I won’t feel so bad and neither will my bank account. 

If you avoided New Year resolutions this year just think of small little things that will benefit your life in some way or just simply make you a little happier. It made me feel so much more positive about making some changes and also has made me really determined to achieve them. Mary Berry watch out!

If you’re excited for my new ‘Sex and Relationships’ category let me know and feel free to make any suggestions of things you would like to know or see me talk about, or you can send an anonymous message to my email at if you want to keep your suggestions private!


Monday, 4 January 2016

Cheap and cheerful lips!

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you, my favourite product for my lips. Which costs, uh wait for it, £12.50… for a lip balm. I know.

Although the Dr Lipps is amazing and in my opinion, worth every penny. I wanted to go out and find a dupe for my lovely blog readers. I have tried a vast amount of lip balms as it is and nothing compared to the Dr Lipps.

So when I stumbled into Claire’s utterly bored out of my mind on a lunch break, I couldn’t help but pick up these two lip balms. (Yes, the cute packaging sold me).

I suffer from terribly dry lips so I pretty much bought these thinking they wouldn’t work, but I just couldn’t not buy them… am I the only one who does this?

To my surprise, they are literally amazing and moisturise my lips so well and throughout the day as well, without having to constantly reapply. The cookie one stains your lips ever so slightly, so I use this one with caution and normally choose this one if I am wearing a dark lipstick over the top.

They don’t taste of anything, despite saying flavours on their packaging. Which saddened me, to be honest. But for £1.49, I’m not going to complain!

Have you got any really affordable makeup or beauty products that you love? Share them in the comments, so we can all be cheap together!


Friday, 1 January 2016

May the force be with your manicure

I’m officially addicted to getting my nails done and my bank account hates me for it.

Of course, I went for a Star Wars theme to celebrate the new film, what nerd wouldn’t? I also felt like they were quite well suited for New Years.

What do we think of the claw/oval shape?

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