Thursday, 7 January 2016

Co Lab Dry Shampoo review

Have you ever spotted Co Lab dry shampoo in Superdrug and wondered whether you should chuck it in your already (most likely) overflowing basket or not? Well ladies, here is what I think you should do.

The first time I saw this product on the shelf naturally its beautiful packaging caught my attention. So naturally, I brought it.

At first, I won’t lie, I hated these products. The consistency of the actual product is quite wet compared to your typical dry shampoos. It didn’t (and still doesn’t) give my hair volume. It didn’t soak up grease well, disgusting I know.

However, while cleaning out my beauty stash the other day I came across the pretty packaging once again. I had curled my hair three days in a row and it was looking and feeling extremely dry. As I knew I was washing my hair an hour later I sprayed them in my hair. The wet texture made my hair look so much healthier than it was looking gave it shine and gave it a bit of bounce, which it was majorly lacking.

Since last week I have simply been using it on the ends of my hair when they look and are feeling dry.

So I recommend these products if you have dry, dull hair like myself and need a bit of life back in your hair.

Let me know if you prefer completely honest reviews or if you would prefer it if I only reviewed products I 100% love and only have positive things to say about. I’d love to know your opinion in the comments!


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  1. I prefer completely honest reviews and such a shame it didnt soak up grease well, ill have to be avoiding this as thats my main concern when buying dry shampoo xx


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