Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Sex, cookies and becoming Mary Berry

After spending an evening munching on Lindor chocolate, wrapped in a blanket while reading other peoples ‘resolutions’ for 2016 it made me realise how hard I am on myself.

I was thinking things like ‘lose 10 stone’, ‘go jogging every hour’, and ‘be the first teenager to walk on the moon’. New Year resolutions can be the smallest change or the biggest change, and let's face it, not everything in life is the more the merrier.

So I sat my arse at my desk and pondered on the small things in life that would improve the quality of it. This is what I came up with for my small aims for 2016:

1.     Carry on my, ‘who cares’ approach to literally everything. I will happily jump on a table while drunk and dance, then stroll into my office on a Monday and get back to work in a professional manner. I have no shame in having fun and having a laugh and not taking myself seriously. I love embracing who I truly am and fully being myself without a care in the world if people are judging my way of life. So although it may not be a change it is something that will stick with me through 2016!

2.     Learn how to bake. Yes, I do plan to be the next Mary Berry. In all seriousness, I have always wished I could bake the perfect batch of cookies.

3.     Buy a faux fur coat. This one caught my interest after I scanned my previous New Year resolutions. Since 2013 I have longed for a faux fur coat, do I own one? Nope. Well, this is the last straw Soph get your act together.

4.     Now I bet you all thought this one was going to be something saucy and erotic like ‘have tonnes of hot sex’. Sadly no it isn’t, but deep down I think that is on everyone’s resolution list… right? I have been a beauty blogger since the age of 15 and although I love beauty products probably as much as my dogs I have discovered other things I like to write about. ‘Sex and relationship’ articles have always interested me. The humour behind them, the education side (kind of) and generally because I have always wanted to write my own articles like that. Mainly things like relationship advice, funny stories and accounts from my life and my experiences. So this year I will be adding a new category to my little blog!

5.     Carry on getting my acrylics done. Yes, this is a resolution because I‘m highly addicted so if I make it a resolution I won’t feel so bad and neither will my bank account. 

If you avoided New Year resolutions this year just think of small little things that will benefit your life in some way or just simply make you a little happier. It made me feel so much more positive about making some changes and also has made me really determined to achieve them. Mary Berry watch out!

If you’re excited for my new ‘Sex and Relationships’ category let me know and feel free to make any suggestions of things you would like to know or see me talk about, or you can send an anonymous message to my email at vavaviolett@outlook.com if you want to keep your suggestions private!


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