Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The men you will meet on Tinder...

Tinder sounds like all fun and games, but it’s swipe right if you want your heart broken or swipe left and feel the guilt fill your soul.

I downloaded the dating app Tinder to give it a shot and do some research and well, let's be real. I had hope like everyone else that I would find a man with a cute pet dog and a nice personality of course. (I’m still a single, independent sass-pot)

Today ladies I shall be educating you on why we should make Tinder extinct, but keep it on the last page of our iPhones for when we need a giggle. Here is a list of the boys/men I can promise that you will meet on Tinder.

I’d say the ‘fuckboy’ is the worst boy you will come across on Tinder. You will talk 24/7 for approximately two weeks, go on a date or two and then end up sleeping with him (well not all of us…) The worst thing about ‘fuckboy’ is you will most likely have loads in common and get to know each other really well. Then, of course, you will start to like this boy. Now, the ‘fuckboy’ (I apologize for my language, there simply is no other word that can fully describe this creature) will then, like a cat when it’s dying, evacuate the building and run off and never be seen again. You will then feel like an utter idiot, watch the Notebook in Shaun the Sheep loungewear and cry over your two-week love story. You’ve been warned ladies!

The Superliker
This guy will make you feel like a Queen. All women crack a smile when they spot someone who has super liked them. But then, of course, you will over think the super like, ‘did his friend do it?’, ‘is he mocking my ugliness?’, ‘what if he did it by accident?’.

The ‘Where’s Wally?’ Guy
You already know what I’m talking about ladies. That guy that only has photos on his profile of him with a group of mates. I’m very happy for you having such an impressive squad but please I don’t have time for ‘Where’s Wally’.

If you would like to know more of the category’s I have discovered let me know in the comments or if you want to hear my funniest Tinder stories!



  1. This is so true! I don't have tinder because of all the experiences my friends have which never seem to be great aha xx

  2. I've never used Tinder, so this was an interesting and funny read. :)


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