Monday, 8 February 2016

Benefit They're Real - honest review!

Miniatures are simply the cutest things on the planet after puppies and kittens of course. They’re also the best way to try out any product before you make a massive splurge on something, only to realise it is more useless than those £50 flip flops you brought and can never wear because you live in England…

Benefit Cosmetics is the best beauty company I know for miniatures. Christmas is the ultimate time to test out all of their products because of the gift sets, kindly I was gifted this little They’re Real set and of course I’ll be sharing my verdict.

They’re Real Mascara
I have used this mascara since I was 13 or 14-years-old and will most likely purchase it till the day I die. So having miniatures lying around is always a good thing in my books. It’s the blackest mascara I have ever used and lasts all day. I’ve also never had trouble with it sliding down my face in the rain either, which is always a bonus! Although, it is hard to get off.

They’re Real Remover
However, the mascara is easy to remove with the remover. I can’t help but feel like Benefit purposely made it hard so that they can try and flog you a £14 eye make-up remover over the counter. Anyone else? Don’t get me wrong it is an amazing eye make-up remover but there are ones in the drugstore that are just as good.

They’re Real eyeliner
Personally, I and this little guy just didn’t work out. All the product came out at once and just made such a mess on my poor eyelid. The consistency of the ink was hard and honestly it did just make such a mess. I’ll be sticking with my holy grail L’Oreal Super Liner.

The verdict
I will continue to forever buy the mascara, I’m going to play around with the eyeliner and the remover I will continue to use and buy the full size because it is darn good.

Are there any products you would like to see me review? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I love make-up minis too!

    I HATED the eyeliner from this range. I'm surprised they're still trying to make it a 'thing' knowing that it's not been received well by the beauty community.

    Natasha Kendall | Beauty and Lifestyle


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