Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Things that make me happy!

Often we focus on the negative and forget to bathe in even the smallest things that make us happy. Spilling your Costa Coffee down a white blouse can put you in the type of mood that will just ruin your whole day. But why not think of it like this: at least you can afford that overly priced £3.50 coffee.

I often find myself doing this, getting irritated at really small problems. Like this morning I laddered my £8 John Lewis tights because of my nails. While cursing in a rampage of annoyance and destruction, as I threw them in the bin I thought to myself: well, you’re the idiot who got claw shaped acrylic nails in the first place? This wouldn’t of happened if you had used your brain and thought of girl issues like laddering tights.

I threw on a pair of black skinnies while thanking my lucky star that I hadn’t broken a nail during that tragic moment in my short life.

There are so many little things that make us happy every single day, so I thought I would share some little things that make me happy!

When I receive a text or call from someone who I miss or haven’t spoken to in awhile.

Costa Coffee hot chocolates, my guilty pleasure!

When a friendly cat approaches me on the street, I can’t be alone on this; I simply can’t help but stroke the friendly cat and talk to it.

Cuddling – it’s been a very, very long time but I do remember how comforting it is.

Meeting someone new and getting on straight away.

New make-up launches, I think we all know how happy this makes me.

Looking at your bank account and having more money in it than you thought you did.

Finding something so funny that your eyes water and your jaw ends up aching.

When you begin to start feeling tipsy and your face goes warm. Especially a happy moment after two drinks when you realise you’re a light weight and don’t have to spend £50 like everyone else!

Coming home after a long day at work to be greeted by the two most excited dogs on the planet.

Leave me a comment of some little things that make your day!


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