Thursday, 7 April 2016

Blog updates & want to join a blogging group chat?

I have so many updates to tell you guys that I thought just like I would with a friend I'll just sit down and ramble on till you know everything! After all I speak to quite a few of my readers daily or now and again and some have even become good friends.

SO this is going to be a more chatty post which to be honest I will do a lot more of because it is quite nice to just sit down and write, without having to think about structure, getting information correct and it's not as serious and formal (let's be real, are my blog posts ever formal?).

Blog relaunch

Firstly guys Vavaviolet is under going a massive operation aka blog redesign. I am having my blog completely and utterly redesigned, everything is changing except from my beloved banner of the illustration of myself which I drew myself (I do illustrations for websites or on notebooks and etc, email for info. I charge low prices) nice little bit of self promo there! I am going for a 'magazine' kind of style for my new blog layout, so that it is interactive, fun and girly. I won't be overcrowding it however as I personally like a more simple, yet engaging theme that draws you in but still allows you to focus on one thing at a time. So this will be my last blog post till my new blog is launched on May 2nd as I am preparing blog posts so that I can get a week or two ahead of my schedule so that it is easier for me to manage daily blogging while working full time as a journalist.

New categories for blog posts

I am introducing new categories to Vavaviolet as well such as, sex and relationships, home interior, lifestyle and fashion will also be joining the mix. Of course beauty posts will resume. I'll talk you through a bit of the new blog schedule so that you guys know what to expect on each day.
Monday - beauty reviews, new beauty launches, beauty hauls, beauty tips n tricks, skincare, makeup tutorials. Basically everything and anything beauty related!
Tuesday - Tuesday's are for fashion posts or home interior posts. I will be mixing it up each week as sometimes the weather is poop for a fashion post or I don't want you guys to get bored of seeing too many cute cushions and mugs for the interior section.
Wednesday - now I think this is going to be my favourite day of the week. Wednesday's will be dedicated to my new sex and relationships category, this will be article like posts discussing everything from my own embarrassing sex stories, relationship advice and topics such as '#FreeTheNipple', how to have safe sex and many more! I noticed there is not many bloggers out there who talk about sex openly so I thought it would be a nice edition to introduce it here. It won't all be taboo topics and my own experiences, it will also be a place where you guys can come to me with your problems on relationships or sex, have a laugh and just let your hair down. If you want to request an article on a topic relating to sex and relationships you can email me at or if you need some advice you can send me over your question, if you wish for your question to be kept anonymous just let me know in the email!
Thursday - Thursday is a free day for me where I can post any blog post from any category. So if I want to post a wish list, beauty review or a self help post I can on that day. It just breaks the week up a bit and allows you guys to have a little surprise on that day.
Friday - Friday's will still remain as 'My nails as the week' where I share with you what my nails look like that week. As we all know I am obsessed with my nails and get them done on a weekly basis. I know, my bank account hates me.
Saturday - will be dedicated to my column 'The life of Soph' where I can update you guys on my life, share my funny stories, mishaps and much more!
Sunday - on Sunday's I will be uploading a YouTube video and I will be sticking to it. So I shall share on the blog my new video each week. So if you have any video requests please leave them in the comments.

 Want to join a blogging group chat?

Myself and Ottilie owner of the blog have created a group chat on Whatsapp for bloggers to meet one another, make friends, have a place to go when you need advice on blogging, photography or if you just want to make a friend and chat about MAC and everything and anything! Anyone can join whether you have a blog, website or if you are interested in starting out. It's not a cliche thing where anyone will be rejected, just somewhere where you can chill and get to know other bloggers.

If you want to join the group chat send me an email at or tweet me at @sophie_blackman

The idea came about as I realised people chat in the Twitter chats but no one really stays in touch afterwards, so we thought 'hey why not' create a platform where bloggers can have an outlook to create friendships, seeing as we all have similar interests!

So that is my ramble over, follow me on Bloglovin to stay updated with all the new and exciting things that will be happening on this little website -

Don't forget to leave in the comments YouTube video ideas, blog post suggestions that you would like to see and your thoughts on my new categories! Thank you for reading.

Soph x

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