Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Bedroom inspiration | textures, colour & pure sass

One of my ‘mission’s’ this year (I like to call them missions instead of resolutions as 1, it sounds cooler and quirky, 2 for some odd reason it seems to motivate me more) anyways I digress. One of my easier missions for 2016 was to finish my room and decorate it, aka keep my cactus alive, hover more and actually put something on my bookshelf.

I’m proud to say it’s been half a year and my cactus is alive and well, my floor is always spotless and I even purchased a bigger bookshelf because I actually ended up having too much stuff on the smaller one.

I still have quite a bit to do such as, I want to purchase a new and bigger chest of draws (my sock collection is really starting to take over now), get some more plants as I have discovered a love for as I like to call it ‘the challenge of keeping the green things alive’ and buy some more prints for my wall as lets face it, you can never have enough.

I’m keeping the white walls and furniture in my room as even though it is a right pain in the neck and I am forever cleaning I can’t help but be a lover of the modern look. Although I do want to add some more textures such as faux fur rugs, some patterns and well plants.

I’d love to know what your room is decorated like or if you’re currently decorating send me a link to your blog as I’d love to have a read! Oh and tag me in your room tours, got to love a good old room tour. (I’ll be uploading one soon).

Images are not of my own and are from Pinterest.  


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