Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Fashion inspiration - creating a mood board

Ever since I was a little girl I have always created mood boards to inspire me when I am in desperate need of sorting my life out in some way (which is like every single day).

Recently I have been in quite the funk when it comes down to my wardrobe. I’m just bored of everything, feel like I don’t dress how I want to and am basically having a midlife crisis.

So I created a mood board in an attempt to inspire myself. I have an edgy style deep down which is constantly held back by having to wear office smart wear 80% of my life. But you can easily add your edgy or unique style into your work outfit by pairing your crisp white shirt and tight black trousers with a bag with studs on the bottom of it, or massive sunglasses that hide your entire face (personal fave).

So ladies I highly suggest if you are in a funk create a mood board, stare at the mood board and let the mood board guide you. Thanks to the mood board I am now on the hunt for a new wardrobe, my poor bank….

What do you do to inspire yourself when you’re in a funk?


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