Monday, 2 May 2016

It's been a long time coming...

 I am so excited to have my little space on the internet back in my hands. Oh, how I have missed writing down my thoughts somewhere, making content, meeting new people and being my own boss.

I took a break from blogging to focus on my full-time job, stuff going on in my personal life and getting my head straight. Now that I don't feel like such a headless chicken and that I'm not stressed I can focus on publishing what I like to think is my witty nonsense.

Writers block is something that writers dread as much as dogs dread their owners having a lay in and feeding them late. It causes pure stress, annoyance and to be honest tips your world upside down in your head. For ages I had the words, I even had the sentences but I just couldn't get it down on paper. I had no idea what to say, no idea what to write sometimes and I lost motivation and drive. I questioned my ability and being honest I gave up like a year ago and had to force myself to do something I once loved so much.

But I thought stuff that, I love my job, my website and I love writing. I love creating something people can engage with, I love raising awareness on issues and charities through my writing. Making people chuckle by merely using the words that come up and form in my brain. I even missed bashing the hell out of a crappy mascara and warning women not to buy it.

So I completely shut my blog down two weeks ago. I hit the deactivate button, a button I never ever thought I would even consider going near. How could I get rid of something from my life that I loved so much and made me so happy? I quickly hit cancel. Instead, I went completely silent on here. I closed the blog temporarily and contacted Pipdig. A company that designs blog websites and well I made an investment there and then. I got my blog revamped and gave it a new look. I added categories such as 'sex and relationships' to give Vavaviolet the kick it needed and well, now I'm back.

I suppose my message is, go for it, do it, don't give up. Life isn't fair but if you don't lap it up and bathe in the stuff that you love, the people you love and do what the hell you love, well, life will pass you by!

I'll see you tomorrow at 5pm with another post and I am certain I will forever be here at 5pm on my little website.



  1. It's good to have you back :)

    1. It's so good to be back! thank you for reading :)


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