Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Modern dating destroyed my ego

It's such a ball ache isn't it? By the time you've spent 5 seconds deciding whether to swipe right or not for Oliver who says he is 24 but really looks way over 30, been ignored 20 times, unmatched a couple of times and then for them to disappear after a first date it all kind of seems not worth it.

Being a single, I'd like to say averagely sassy young woman I feel as if already I am giving up on the idea of dating. Is it my age group who seem to only want to fuck in a car and never speak again or is this just modern dating? Do people sit and learn about each other anymore, do they discover if they actually like that person for who they are, do my quirky weird habits really not interest anyone? Where are the deep late night conversations, politic debates, dates where you actually leave knowing that person more than when you strolled up to them all nervous.

Or has my ego taken more of a knock than I thought. No in fact it's worse than that. I no longer care if I get rejected, if they suddenly never reply again it doesn't surprise me or hurt and that's awful that I think like that. The fact that I expect it to happen not only kills the excitement but also makes me ponder the question, is modern dating just a game?

Then there is the 100 question game you play with yourself when you start talking to someone new or before a first date, will my awful tattoo put them off? Will they think I'm too bubbly? Too short? Stupid? Will they care that I'm quite open? When really lets be bloody real. If they like you, they like you. If they meet you and don't like you, well, to be honest you can join my Tinder squad of fuck boys that I have collected and you will probably never cross my mind ever again. That's a lie you will because you've stabbed my ego.

You begin to start thinking, is my laugh that awful? Am I dull/boring/unfunny? When in reality its most likely because you didn't send a nude, or answer their 2am booty call or fuck them after a glass of wine and a dull conversation where it gets so awkward to the point  that they ask what your favourite colour is. It's pink by the way in case you're wondering.

I'm done playing this stupid modern dating game, I am officially throwing the board game across the room and packing it in (aka I'm deleting Tinder). I love my goofy laugh, I'm passionate about politics and current affairs, I'm short, I will send you cute pictures of my dogs, I cry at sad films, I will ask about your day, happily pay for a date and you know what I even love my stupid moon tattoo. So if you're not interested tell me, in fact just be honest with girls and girls be honest with guys. Tell me you're not interested don't just go cold turkey like a child in primary school, I'll respect you and in return I'd probably reply something witty like 'okay well any of your friends fit and single?'

What are your takes on modern day dating? 



  1. FWIW, I stumbled upon this blog via your Tinder profile out of curiosity. Things like quirky weird habits are what make people interesting!

    Being yourself is totally worth it. Some people do treat modern dating as a game which is unfortunate :(

    I'm not the biggest fan of Tinder myself, throwing random faces at people and seeing what sticks isn't a very effective method. I prefer OkC because it at least tries to find people with similar interests!

  2. Thank you for reading. Yes I agree, too many people treat it as a game:(


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