Thursday, 5 May 2016

New Benefit Cosmetic releases | an honest review

My loyalties and love I am now certain will always be in the hands of Benefit Cosmetics, along with my heart, soul, debt and credit cards.

I have tried and tested every single product the brand has created since I was 12 years old and the only product I didn’t get along with so far has been the Porefessional powder (I’m sorry Benefit but the packaging really pissed me off). So you can imagine my excitement when they release new products.

Recently the brand released a new Porefessional to mattify the skin and a box containing eight facemasks, so let’s get down to business guys, here is my honest review (because we cut the BS here).

The Porefessional Instant Wipeout Masks

So firstly and to some of us who like to display pretty products on our makeup vanities, the most important opinion… the packaging. The eight facemasks come in a box which is in the style of a brief case, who said women can’t be James Bond? Carrying it around by the handle made me feel like a little girl again carrying around my Polly Pocket house.

I digress, the masks come in what can be expected by Benefit as rather quirky sachets. Instead of your usual ‘tear here’ packaging you have to push down on a button to release the product, rather like playing with bubble wrap. At first I was super worried the product would explode as I pressed down but have no fear, the product is a cloth/wipe so it just slips out.

The mask at first confused the hell out of me, it came out looking like a Batman logo. After Googling ‘what the hell do I do with this mask’ I finally applied it. The mask can be used on your forehead, chin or across your nose and cheeks to eradicate large and congested pores.

I laid down and after 13 minutes of it being across my nose and cheeks I took it off. My skin felt so soft and refreshed and when I looked in my magnifying mirror my nose had genuinely cleared up from black heads and had a cute little glow to it.

All in all I massively rate the mask. The price at £24.50 for eight masks is quite high but if you think about it like I do that’s two months worth of pampering. Its my little weekly treat to pamper myself so I personally don’t mind my bank screaming at me for it.

The Porefessional Matte Rescue Primer

As a major fan girl of the original Porefessional I had extremely high expectations for this product to say the least. The original is a holy grail and I have an overly ridiculous stash of them but hey ho, it’s a badass product.

As a woman haunted by oily skin (thank you genes) the idea of the Porefessional made to mattify skin simply just made my 2016. The gel itself made me look twice. As I squeezed down gently on the tube to witness bright blue product that looked like something out of Avatar I was quite surprised. The gel itself is like the texture of a facemask (again freaked me out at first) thick and cold but surprisingly applied beautifully, effortlessly and evenly across my face.

The primer sinked into the skin immediately and when I looked back up to my mirror my face genuinely and I kid you not, had a matte texture to it. I was so happy and surprised I kept stroking my face expecting oil to appear but nope, I had matte skin for the first time in my life. My skin felt smooth and yes ladies, my pores did look smaller.

At £21.50 it is cheaper than the original so it is fair to say, I am in love.



  1. Oooh the masks sound really interesting! I love the original Porefessional, but I find it dries out my skin a bit too much to use it on a regular basis which breaks my heart xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    1. Yeah the matte one might be a little drying on dry skin as well then:/ the mask is fabulous though!xx


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