Thursday, 12 May 2016

The struggles of being a romantic in 2016

No matter what anyone says there is still romantics out there. You just have to find us. We're often spotted staring at flower stalls for too long as we walk past, in the romance novel section of a library and sadly what seems to be our rare breed has ended up on yup you guessed it, Tinder.  
Sadly we do seem to be a dying breed in the modern dating world. A world where you go for a drink and end up fucking in the back of their car two hours later. Swiping left unless you want to fuck the shit out of them purely judging by their looks and of course, Netflix and Chill.
So here are the struggles I have encountered:
If you text him something sweet or thoughtful he will probably raise an eyebrow and think that you're too keen. Well I'm sorry for my compliment on your profile picture, I take it back now.

Flowers? What even is a flower anymore? To me the flowers are like mermaids, do they even exist?
The cut off. Ah ladies, the cut off. Exactly two weeks after talking one of you will just stop replying. For no reason. Well I suppose you got bored and found someone else on Tinder who is better looking, sassier and has a better job than me. Yeah well, do they have my charming attitude to life? Probably.
'Is it a date? Or is it not?' Is the line 'would you like to go on a date with me?' Ever used? And by the third date you're still clueless. And then you start thinking 'should I just go back on Tinder if he doesn't like me?' And that is when the romantic breed starts to die out.

Never over text them. So something exciting happened at work? You got a promotion? You had a car crash? You broke your back? Great tell your dog because they probably do not care. On the other hand I want to know about your day, tell me about your dickhead of a boss, your bus broke down? Great give me the juicy details.

I'm writing this on a train back from London and a women next to me reading over my shoulder is nodding so at least one person agrees with me.

How does modern dating make you feel? Let me know in the comments because I for one find it just simply odd.



  1. Oh man, how true. There are so few of us left in the West... it's sad. Fortunately, there are plenty of young romantic gentlemen types in Europe :)


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