Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Can women have mindless sex like men?

Can women have mindless sex… like men can? Now isn’t that the question us women have been pondering since the first episode of Sex and the City aired.

We seem to think that only men can have sex and not get emotionally attached and only women seem to get attached after sex. Is this really the case? Do we always get attached afterwards? Or do we simply get attached to the feeling of being wanted? OR is that what attachment sex simply is?

Most of my columns are inspired by Sex and the City this particular question pondered my mind while watching episode 5 of season 1. Carrie a female journalist living in New York takes on the experiment to see if us women can have sex and leave instantly and never think about that man ever again. It got me thinking, ‘Could I do that? Could I do it for the hell of it, for fun and just leave?’

The answer is, yes, yes I can. I can as you may say ‘mentally fuck like a man’. That’s not a bad thing in my eyes. Women are fighting for equality across the globe, we strive for the same paycheck, we work hard for the top dog jobs, we raise our voices in pitches and meetings in the work place so why can’t we own it and leave it in the bedroom without being slut shamed? I’m done with this whole ‘women who sleep around are sluts’ don’t try and put me or another women down because of our ‘sex count’, don’t stereotype and label me for something that if a man does it gains him ‘lad points’.

It may shock you but women can have sex and not fall in love. We simply have needs just like you and well when you’re hungry you eat, right? So when you’re horny, you… see where I’m going here.

Maybe the dating game is changing, maybe we are fed up, maybe we want the easy life or maybe we just want to have some fun. And you know what, as long as you want it, you’re both consenting adults and you have safe sex then you go ahead and just have mindless, emotionally unattached sex and enjoy it. Don’t feel guilty for that.

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